Was supposed to get payment increase but didnt?

I am with canada life and this August was my 8th year on disability. Every 4 years they are supposed to increase my payments by $200/month. This happened at the 4 year mark and now its at the 8th year mark and i didnt get an increase. I thought september for sure but nope. They never call me and its prbably been over a year since they’ve asked for paper work or updates. My doctor always says my diagnosis is “guarded”, nothing ever changes. I am scared to call them and ask about this. I have no idea who my case worker is, no one calls me, ever. And frankly, i like it that way. The last case workers i had were awful and mean and the whole experience with this insurance company over the year’s has given me ptsd so im scared to even call and be back on their radar. Inflation has killed me and im $25,000 in debt that i cant get out of. I could really use thay increase because my insruance wage is not keeping up. How can i check on increased payments? Is it better i go thru my employer even though i havent worked there in over 8 years? Where can i find this info? Thank you!

That is a very difficult situation.
I sympathize.
I am with SunLife but they have a general call center and I don’t have 1 specific caseworker anymore.
My file is handled by the long duration department.
Maybe your’s is the same since they haven’t contacted you in a while.
If you have a general call center you should call that.
The employer probably won’t know anything.
I can only see the original $ on the SunLife website, none of the increases.
Maybe you can get someone you know to call,

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I’m with sunlife and I didn’t know that :flushed:
Once been off since 2017 and also don’t know who my case worker is.

I agree with Jammer. Got direct to the insurance company for the answers. Your employer likely won’t know anything about it.

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