January increase

I am unable to see what my increase is this month. Is anyone else having trouble getting in to their account? Are we getting $300 increase plus cost of living? Thanks

I can’t see the payments 90% of the time.
Sometimes it works.
Keep trying.
I think the increase for this year is 4.4%.

Are we also getting $300 more per month for the c-22 bill increase?

If you are referring to the new Canada Disability Benefit nothing has been said when payment begins or how much payment is. A lot of misinformation online. Still to reputable websites like the government of Canada site.

My opinion is that since it focuses on “poverty reduction” people who get CPP-D but NOT LTD (private insurer) will get this.
Forget about it unless you make $22k.
Even if you get LTD and apply for it then expect insurers to claw it back.
My opinion.
All I can say for sure is don’t hold your breath.

And if you have a spouse who works don’t expect to see a cent.

I’m on LTD and CPPD. LTD only claws back the initial amount of CPPD that you get when you first start on disability.
After that, they don’t claw back any yearly increases. I’ve been on LTD/CPPD for over 10 years and the amount I get from LTD hasn’t changed.

I just got a large retro payment (over $13K after tax) for the CPP child rearing supplement. LTD didn’t take a dime of it, and they won’t be clawing back the increased monthly amount I’ll be getting from now on. I spoke with a supervisor at Service Canada and she confirmed that information.

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The CPP Payments page on the Service Canada website was down for a few days before and after Jan 1. When I got in, I was able to see my January 2024 payment, and I didn’t get any cost of living or yearly increase. I did get an increase because I qualified for the child rearing provision, but not a dime for the yearly increase.

I’m going to do some research to find out if we’re supposed to get a yearly increase this year, and if yes I’ll be calling Service Canada again.

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Yes, 4.4%.
Maybe it is included in the child rearing provision.
Call and they can explain where it is or fix the problem.

Thanks, I just looked it up.
I was given the exact amounts for the child rearing provision by the Service Canada employee. She didn’t mention anything about the yearly increase. I know they calculated the amounts manually so they may have forgotten to add the yearly increase, especially since my increased payment for the child rearing provision takes effect at the same time as the yearly.

I’ll call Service Canada and get it straightened out. The yearly increase is worth about $50 a month for me.