Is a trip to the US for medical purposes allowed while on LTD

I am on LTD and considering going to the States for 2 days to get some tests done as I have evidence to believe that I have a condition that is not well known in Canada. Afterwards I will have an online consultation with a US practitioner that can give a diagnosis based on the results. I am currently at risk of my doctor no longer supporting my time off work as my regular blood work is coming back fine and specialists are saying it’s probably just somatization.

I know my family doctor would not order the testing for me in Canada even if I asked and my case is too complex to go to a walk-in clinic. So my best bet right now is to go to the US.

My question is:

  1. Do I need to ask for permission from my case manager for a 2 day trip outside of Canada and explain the reason? If my results come back negative, then I don’t even want to tell my doctor or insurer that I even went to the States, but if they come back positive I will need to tell my doctor and case manager the new diagnosis.

  2. If I do get a diagnosis in the US that was missed in Canada and cannot be treated adequately here, will there be any issues with my insurer if I decide to get treatment in the US?

If anyone knows or has any experience to share, it would be much appreciated.

Thank you

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Check your policy to see what it says about travel. Most policies require you to notify your insurer when you are going out of country. Seeking medical care is generally fine. Make sure that you continue to follow the medical advice of your home doctor in addition to the new advice you get. Good luck.


Thanks Caro. It doesn’t say much in my booklet and nothing about travel. I will request a copy of the Master Policy from my employer/ insurer and see what it says.

It’s never a good idea to leave the country without your insurer knowing. If they were to find out you did so, it may be a reason for them to cut off your benefits. We do have an article on this topic: Can you travel on LTD.

Most likely, you will be allowed to go with your doctors approval. However, it’s always best to check the policy and speak with your claims representative beforehand!

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Thanks @jen_s for the article. I have checked my policy (I only have a booklet which my employer says is the full version) and it says that benefits can be cut off if I am outside of Canada for over 3 months without prior approval of the insurance company. My trip would be a 2 day trip for blood work in the US. Do you still think I need clearance from my doctor and insurer?

Yes, I think you will be able to go but you should always make sure to clear it with your doctor and insurer to avoid any complications.

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Thank you Jen for your advice, Better safe than sorry. I have contacted my case manager to double check.

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