Update From on Your Activities and Daily Life

I have been on LTD/CPPD for the past 4 years. Recently a week ago I received an email from my case manager with an update form on activities and daily life. Prior to that I hadn’t heard anything from LTD for over 9 months. I am wondering if this from is a standard update that they ask for or is this meant to use against me and I can expect them to use surveillance on me soon. I am wondering if people that have been on LTD are receiving this form as an annual update? Or is this daily life questionnaire form not a standard thing that is sent out and their trying to use it against me?

thanks in advance

Nothing to worry about at all in my opinion. I’ve had a questionnaire like that sent to me. It’s usually a few pages and asks basic questions. Here’s some examples of questions I was asked:

  • How frequently do you experience good, average and bad days? (Scale of 1 to 10)?
  • Would you describe your current condition as having improved, remained the same, or deteriorated since you last worked?
  • What are some strategies you use to work towards your goals? What tools do you use to help you keep track of or achieve them?

Different LTD providers send these at different times. Some send them more frequently, others not at all. Are you at exactly 4 years? If so, the 4 year mark might be when they recalculate your wages. I know for some LTD providers the 4 year mark is a big deal, so maybe they will send you one of these every 4 years. Again nothing to be concerned with. I certainly do not think you have any concern to be worried about surveillance based solely on this.

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Do watch David’s video on how to fill them out before you do it. Words like “sometimes, often, usually, on good days - on bad days” etc

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thanks, I am a few months over 4 years. The form asks if I can do housework, shop, each day etc so wondering if this means they’re putting me on surveillance. My condition has unfortunately gotten worse so not sure why they’re sending me this now, should I list my condition as unimproved? I am guessing if I say I’ve gotten worse this will trigger them questioning my doctors?

thanks, I have, very helpful

Getting worse won’t trigger anything, it only matters to their purposes if you might improve enough to work. I’m just frank with my answers the good and the bad and am careful not to overstate or understate things. For the longer answers I usually do them on a separate piece of paper from the computer and I can go back and add things that come to mind, some big stuff usually slips my mind. Heck just the information about the 11 or so doctors I was seeing took a couple of pages…

Is this first time since you on LTD /CPPD asking you for up date?
Did they contact you last year such as phone interview or so…

There have been other updates, but not with such detailed activity questions, this is similar to the original forms from the beginning of the claim, so wondering if it’s surveillance related.

I’d make the assumption you will be (or are) under surveillance.

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Can you send me David’s video link. Thank you

You may need to join here first: https://insider.resolutelegal.ca/

The video is at https://insider.resolutelegal.ca/products/insider-basic/categories/2149755036/posts/2160242237

Thank you ,so much for your information.

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I too received an update request on activities similar to the original application. I filled it out and sent it. Maybe they had surveillance on more or maybe not. If they did any surveillance, it would match the information in my file. Look for David’s suggestions on how to fill the update form, and surveillance. Try your best not to worry about it.

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