Activity form& work experiences/ level of education

Hi everyone.
I have been lurking on this website for a while now, but this is my first post.

I have been off work due to depression & ptsd, I will hit the two year mark on April/2019. I usually here from insurance every 3 months, just checking in or asking for medical records.

Today, the insurance agent called me inquiring about my progress and whatnot. She told me that she will send me some forms and also that I should apply for cpp benefits.

I just received an email with a letter explaining that my Ltd payments are supposed to stop in April 2019, and that they can’t decide for the moment whether I will be eligible for benefits under “ any occupation” yet. I received also an activity form and another form for education level and work experience.

From what i’ve read on here, this most likely means that I am under surveillance. Is that correct?

What I would like to know is how to complete the activity form, they have a lot of absolute questions( for instance: are you capable of doing household tasks such as cleaning, laundry, and for how many hours)

I don’t want to just check yes or no. So, what should I do?

also, can I request a copy of my claim file? Could this trigger more surveillance or other procedures?

Thank you.


I would write a note saying you can do cleaning for 3 hours spread over 6 hours on days you feel well enough.
Scribble the note in the margins.

Yes & maybe.

Not likely under surveillance yet–except maybe via social media searches. This is common to request this information to determine your ability to either return to your job or to review if it can be determined if you could do another job.

It also likely that they may use surveillance in the future to try and show that you can do something you said you could not in the forms.

Do not scribble answers along the side. You would put the answer as “activity varies-see page #” and have
an explanation of why the activity varies. For example–I can do laundry except when I am having panic attacks or struggling with depressive symptoms, lack of energy, dark thoughts (whatever is true for you)

Focus on the severity and unpredictability of your symptoms and if true, that you can not manage a set schedule.

This is for MS–but gives excellent examples of what to include for cpp and for your activity form.

They are looking to see if they can end your claim at the any occupation 2 year definition change.

I expect that you will be sent for an IME or rehabilitation so they can get reports.

For your claim file you could ask for a full and complete copy for your records and to help with your application for CPP-D.

Time to start getting your documents together. Do not scribble or mark-up any documents. Time to start communicating in writing or make notes after each call. ( I would record everything going forward)

Be polite and cooperative. They should treat you the same. Watch your finances and try to save some funds if possible.

It is not personal, it is business. They are looking for ways to not have the claim go beyond 2 years. Insurer’s only spend money to save money.

Mental disorders are often difficult to quantify, so it is best to keep personal records of how the condition creates a burden on your daily life.

You should keep notes on:
• how often you experience symptoms of the condition;
• what changes you have had to make to your regular routine to cope with your disorder;
• how the disorder impacts your work situation;
• how the disorder impacts your personal life; and
• how the disorder impacts your family life.

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Thank you so much for your detailed answer. It is very helpful.
I had written notes on the sides of the page before reading your answer, now I am going to change it.

Just one question, where I will mark “ please refer to the additional page”, do I have to check the yes or no box?

Yes, I am keeping records of all conversations.

Thank you again for your help.

No -don’t check the boxes if it is not a straight forward Yes or No answer–just put varies-see page #

I really appreciate your help.
Thank you :slight_smile:

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Good Morning I just read this letter and response. I just received a similar letter from SSQ for my LTD, made it easier for me not too stress Thank you all.



the MS society doc. was very informative and excellent reference…thanks for posting it

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