Daily Activities Form and Change in Health Care Providers

Any advice on completing the “Daily Activities Report”? I’ve been contacted for an update and they require me to complete this form. Also, due to doc shortage in my area, I have switch healthcare providers…will this cause me a problem for my benefits?

Just remembered reading this.

Oh that is interesting. However they haven’t contacted me for 6 months and I was thinking perhaps it was review time? They were contacting me all the time, then nothing for 6 months so I kind of expected a “follow up call”, but if I am under surveillance I really have nothing to worry about LOL! I rarely leave the house!

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They feel it is time :slightly_smiling_face:

There is plenty of advice on the forum on how to fill out the form and how to act under surveillance.

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The big tip is to avoid the giving absolute statements unless 100% true. My husband feels an increase in pain and can not walk more than 1/2 block to a block before needing a break, However there are times he has to push that limit but he pays for it in pain.

So if there is not enough space-add a sheet to make sure they get the full picture. Maybe you should n’t carry, walk, or do other activities because it will cost you-but there are times when you have to push yourself due to circumstance,

They are hoping you will say you can’t do something and then catch you doing it. That’s the trick and why they are asking those questions.

Make sure you have a copy of all your health records from the previous doctor moved over, or better get a copy for yourself. Dr. shortages are a common issue-so as long as you have the records is what is truly important

oh, I must be missing the plenty of advice on how to fill out the form as I don’t see it

Many people don’t take the time, or enough time, to complete the “activities report” because they think it’s unimportant, but this is a mistake.

You need to be consistent with what your medical reports and activities are.
Point out an examples of your worst days and your better days.
Avoid setting definite functional limitations-only walk 1/2 block, only lift 5 lbs and such-I guarantee you that they will go out looking to show you are incorrect.
Better to say I could lift more than 5 pounds but I would suffer, it would be a struggle but there are times I have to walk longer than I should to get to appointments, I tried to mow my lawn but had to stop after 10 minutes.
Use real life examples of your struggles. Truth has a tone.

This is why it is so important to complete the activities report with as much detail as possible, and to be accurate and honest with your answers. Also say you use watching TV , reading as a way to cope or as a distraction.


BIG TIP Always focus on the “frequency, severity and duration” of your symptoms and limitations

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Be as specific as you can. Include the impact of fatigue on your work and on your daily life activities – including all changes you’ve made to accommodate your condition. For example you:

Do laundry more frequently so the loads are lighter to carry.
Buy fewer groceries so the bags are lighter.
Have friends help with household chores. (List the specific chores.)
Plan your meals so you spend as little energy as possible preparing them.
Look at magazines because you are too tired to focus long enough to read books.
Avoid movies and long dramas on TV because you can’t concentrate long enough to understand what is going on.
Have to take naps after going out to the doctor or on errands.

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