Yearly interview

Hey guys
I had a yearly interview over the phone. Has anybody had this situation?

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I haven’t but I never got the yearly paper form so maybe they are switching to phone.
I don’t do phone stuff very often so I will request the form again.
I have a progressive disease with no cure so it is kinda stupid to do yearly anyways.


Yes it’s very common as is the claimant statement and attending physician statement yearly.

Should I contact them?

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Heck no. Out of sight out of mind. I just looked it up and it’s been a couple of years since my last update form too.


Good to know it can go down to never. :slight_smile:
It is nice to know they still care if I am alive though. :slight_smile:

In my opinion that’s basically what those forms are now… “Are you still alive?”. Making sure they aren’t paying a dead person.


Thank you Danilo2019 for starting this thread.

LTD will interrogate me by phone soon instead instead of sending me the annual form. Any tips for handling this is appreciated. Should I request a form by snail mail?
Thank you all.

What prompted them to phone you?
I’d ask if you can do it by mail.

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It’s their once a year interrogation. Once a year is better than them calling me every month like the used to.
I will probaly speak with them because if they send me a form for my doctor to fill I am screwed. My doctor is lazy and refuses to fill forms.

I would probably be screwed too unless they are prepared to wait.
I am lucky because I have a degenerative physical disease.
I am unlucky because I have a degenerative physical disease.


Interesting, this shows that insurers and even the claim reps handle this differently. I think it is more common for them to just send the update form. Was it just the typical questions asking for any updates or chances in health, treatment, work, activties, etc?

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