Update form questions

I am filling an insurance company update form and I have a few questions.
It wants the name of my doctor but which one?
There is a question: “have you been seen by your doctor in the last year?” Can I write in why I didn’t?
There are also questions about employment retirement pensions.
Have I asked my employer what is available to me, nope. They can’t force me to retire so why do they ask?

I am required to see my doctors at least once a month. Both specialist and GP.

It depends on your diagnosis and prognosis.
As long as the person reads my original application then I’m sure they would agree that there is no reason to see my specialist yearly.
Unless you believe in miracles I guess.
I’d rather write a note in the margin instead of relying on them to read my original application.

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:+1::+1: Sounds good. I hope all goes okay.