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does anybody know if doctors would tell their patients when they have get requests from ltd insurance people. My doc. has never said anything about the ltd company calling or mailing her and looking for updates. I’m approved for ltd but have never even asked my doc. if she’s hreard from them. thanks,P

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forgot to add that I was also wondering if ltd companies have a certain guide book they follow for how often they expect we go to the doctor? I know it depends on a person’s illness but I read some posts here that says expectation is you should be in some kinda ongoing treatment if your’e on ltd. But what happens when doctors and other providers say that your condition is permanent and not fixable, that you have to just live with it? Everytime my ltd case worker calls, she asks if Ive been to doc lately? …is there a general rule for this… Advice anyone


My doc never mentioned when they asked for updates, she just did the paperwork. If your condition is permanent with no chance of improvement then they probably won’t be asking for a lot of updates. Mine initially asked for an update every few months but I think it’s down to once a year?

My LTD policy does require me to be under the care of a doctor and I understand that is a requirement of most policies. I don’t know how frequently it needs to be if it’s just a follow-up to confirm there’s still nothing that can be done.

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Hi Paddy, they want to make sure you are getting “regular treatment”. The type and frequency of treatment really differ from case to case. There is no hard and fast rule, but they will look to see if you have a best-practice treatment plan, and are following. If you aren’t going to the doctor much, it will trigger them to do more investigation to see if you have a best-practice treatment plan from their perspective. They key thing is for you to make sure you are doing what your doctor recommends and follow up on all recommendations.

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I don’t get asked for medical reports because I have an incurable physical condition.
It may depend on your insurance company and how they handled your claim.