Asking for more info during COVID?!

My insurance company sent one of their letters this month, (right in the middle of COVID!) the typical one that says they have a right to ask for updated info to support my case. I have been on disability for 6 years, I am on CPPD, my condition has not changed, will not change, my doc says the same thing every year in this exact letter. There is no updated info to support my case because there are no more tests or procedures I can do to help. It is what is it basically but they continue to send this letter every year asking for more info to support my case. I rarely see my GP, maybe once a year because I see my kidney specialists every 4 months for follow up (which is actually not related to my disability) I have a physical impairment on my right arm, migraines, and have anxiety and depression. I take meds but nothing else I can do. Has anyone else received a letter during COVID requesting more info? I am immunocompromised so I have barely gone out this year so I don’t really know what they expect me to say in this letter, Most people are in this circumstance because we’re in unprecedented times. I frankly find this letter really ridiculous to send during COVID! Now I have to go to my GP to fill it out and I haven’t seen him all year. How can i give them an update? It honestly makes no sense to me to get this right now. What should I do? Write that its been COVID incase you idiots haven’t been paying attention? lol

My doc is doing telephone consultations for most things. It sounds like that should work for your situation. Or at least the doc could write a letter saying to refer to the previous report and that there has been no change in condition or prognosis since the last report. Hopefully your doc can just update the date on the letter each time and send it in.

If you are getting a request once a year then you are really in the lowest level of monitoring that they can do. I just think of it as them checking the box that their internal policies require for prudent management of claims.


Hi , I had a request like this in June. I always pop in to my Nurse Practitioners and Specialist office several times a year. I look at the visits to them , if nothing else, as peace of mind for when they inevitably want the forms completed. It’s a pain but it’s a necessary thing for receiving LTD payment. The covid has all docs here working by phone. I would book a phone appointment and let the doc know what u need.