Took just 3 month to get approved for CPPD

Just wanted to take a chance and thank David and team for great resources put here for people like me, and especially for written books and instructions on how to properly apply for CPPD.
I used all the help I could get to apply myself and after short wait of 3 month, I got approved.
Without this forum it would probably be a different result and most likely would go to Appeal.

Thank you greatly


Great news. I am sure it’s a load off your mind.

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That’s good. One less thing to worry about.

Glad to hear, adam123.

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I would assume certain cases get approved faster than others. I would assume mental illness cases can take the max time to get approved and the hardest to get approval for.

I have a skin disorder that effects my ability to walk sleep and live almost daily, i submitted photos with my first appeal… They approved me immediately…oh and i also had to get another letter from my other doctor who actually supported me…due to the first doctor who wasted my time by sending them a letter saying i could work in his opinion. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:
Make sure u have a doctor to fully back you up! It made all the difference for me…i believe i would have been approved the first time if it wasint for that!!!