Today is the dayv

Well today is the day I see my rheumatologist a to ask her to please fill out the back to work questionnaire as my insurance and cppd are waiting for this form to make a final decision on any work. I am not well and have failed afew medications so we will try another. This dr just doesn’t like to fill out forms. So if she doesn’t fill it out and send it to insurance by the 29 feb. they cut my benefits. So stressful.

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Good luck.
If you need to then there is a free consult with Resolute.

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Can your GP fill that form? My impression was that insurance companies has nothing against GP’s filling the forms if it is necessary.

My GP fills out everything usually but insurance wanted to hear from rheumatologist before changing my definition to any work. But she ended up filling it out but it wasn’t without a fight.

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Good to hear that she filled the forms.

Only thing that concerns me is that yes she filled it out and wrote that I am not returning to work until I am reassessed in about 2 months. Now my 2 year mark for any job was in November 2019 but I was sick for my appointment at the drs that was also in November so I had an appointment today with my rheumatoid dr. Now my question is will they with this new info make a decision now or will they wait ?

Either, who knows.
It depends on who looks at it and a bunch of other unpredictable factors.
Every time I talk to mine (don’t talk to them if you’re on an approved claim unless you HAVE to :-)) the ultimate response is something like “based on your current condition we continue to approve your claim”.
At least with my insurance company I would expect them to approve it and then reevaluate in 2 months.
It is unlikely you’re situation is anything like mine .
If they do wait and you’re not better in 2 months then they’ll owe you back pay.
I suspect they hate doing that.
I have no idea, sorry.
Try not to worry and hope for the best.
I wish you luck.

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Actually dr wrote no return to work. She will assess in 2 months.

Also should I send that copy of return to work questionnaire to CPPD?

What do you mean by that?

You’ll find out soon. Your rheumatologist is quite stubborn. She could’ve just said that you need to continue your treatment and return to work date is uncertain.

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Just my 2 cents.

My LTD provider requests letters from both my GP and my specialist.

I’m just really having a hard time with the way I was treated by my rheumatologist yesterday. After her raising her voice yelling at me to the point her staff heard it and one of her nurses came to ask me if I was ok as I was leaving. It’s sad to have to deal a dr like this for 12 years.

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Is there any chance you can get a different rheumatologist?

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Oh I did ask my primary dr to refer me to another and I see a new one in April. She did finally fill out that questionnaire and sent a note to my primary dr.

12 years? Are you kidding me? I would’ve left her the next day. Don’t understand what her problem is. Can you complain about her? Or just leave a “nice” review on But you definitely need to find a new doctor who is more professional. Yelling at your patients is unethical.

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She seems honest. But she will have to write a new report in 2 month as the insurance will ask for an update in hopes that you are good to go back to work. In my experience it’s better if the information is vague otherwise they will be bugging you all the time.

Probably it’s not a good idea to post such a private information here on the forum.

Were you approved for CPPD? Or are you only applying now?

agree with Elaine on everything she says.

Applied for cppd last year was denied now appealed and waiting

Hope you’ll get your CPPD and LTD soon.

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