Drs questionnaire To filled out

Hi again
My insurance now wants the proof that I sent in my reconsideration letter to CPPD. I sent her everything I filled out even the drs letter I had just got stating no return to work. I had to call cppd to send me a letter confirming they received my appeal letter. It will take a couple of weeks to get it. She also wants a work questionnaire filled out by my Rheumatologist who does not fill out any paperwork what so ever. Ugghhhh

Welcome to the request of paperwork cycle! As soon as you submit it all, it seems to start again!

I basically just send the insurer anything to do with correspondence and they directly send the doctor/specialist any forms. I refused to be the middle person and add to my stress.
Perhaps the rheumatologist can send them a letter stating they do not complete insurance paperwork if that is their policy?

I doubt that is good enough.
Is there any chance you can get a different doctor of rheumatology?
A report from a specialist is better for getting LTD/CPPD.

This is what they sent me.

I have noted your file accordingly.

I will be writing directly to Dr. O for a response with a deadline of February 29. 2020 in order to submit her reply. I understand that she is busy, however, as part of the College of Physician’s and surgeon’s that is part of her role as a care practitioner. No further benefits beyond February 29th will be provided unless this information has been rec’d – I encourage you to follow up for this information as it is required to complete our assessed of your change of definition which is currently being paid on a without prejudice basis until we have the information required to finalize a decision.