Asked to send resume and fill out work experience form, but not even at 6 month mark of STD?

Hi there, I am approaching end of my STD (depression). Very unlikely to return to work before end of STD and, therefore, probably will have to transition to LTD.

After completing my usual monthly check-in, I was sent a form with questions about my experience, training, and education, asked to fill it out, and send it back with my resumé.

This surprised me because, from what I understand, this type of request is only made as someone approaches the change in definition from ‘own occupation’ to ‘any occupation’. For my policy, I understand this to happen after 2.5 years (as they’ve defined the own occupation period as “the elimination period and the following 24 months”, with elimination period=26 weeks=6 months).

Is this normal, or is my case manager getting ahead of himself (whether in bad faith or accidentally)? What is the meaning behind this? Knowing what their intentions are with me will help me know whether to answer questions vaguely or detailed. It’s even asking for my hobbies!

My guess: seems to me to be an attempt to get me to do ‘any occupation’, but I haven’t even run out of my STD, let alone approached the change in definition. Please let me know if I’m interpreting the situation incorrectly; any advice from all you experienced folks is much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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I would think they are going to make a push to block you from getting on LTD. Quite early they asked for your resume, that is pretty aggressive. Are you seeing a psychiatrist as well? If you are just seeing a GP, you should ask your GP for a referral to see a psychiatrist and that might buy you some more time. I am on leave for mental health issues. I have been approved past the change of definition in my 3 year own occupation and wasn’t asked for a resume at all in the process, I was expecting them to ask for a resume but was pleasantly surprised when they didn’t. I see do see a psychiatrist and psychologist and my best advice would be for you to start seeing one of these specialists so your insurer can’t say well the depression can’t be that bad if you aren’t even seeing a psychiatrist or psychologist.

Hi Harvey, thank you for chiming in here and confirming my suspicion that something was off. My issue is that I was referred to see a psychiatrist right from the get go, but the psychiatrist repeatedly cancelled or postponed my appointment because something came up (on their end). So I haven’t seen a psychiatrist yet through no fault of my own (understaffed/overwhelmed public healthcare system)

I would let the insurer know if you haven’t told them that you are waiting to see the psychiatrist as your GP obviously thinks things need to be addressed by a specialist. Do you have any benefits from your employer to see a registered clinical counsellor or a psychologist? If you do, I would make use of that benefit and you should be able to get into see the RCC or psychologist fairly quick as you are paying for that appointment. Try to see if any group therapy is available through your local mental heath usually run through hospitals. It might buy you some more time.

My insurance provider requested this information 5 months into my LTD claim; long before the change of definition, under the guise of return to work.

They also forced me to complete a CPP Disability application at the same time; this despite the fact that I will not qualify for it.

Their reasoning when I pushed back is basically “this is procedure”. This is also their reasoning for all of their mistakes and any other grievances I’ve had with them.

I completed the skills/work history form and moved on from that; but I do consider this type of behavior to be harassment with the intention of increasing the stress of being on LTD. These companies know what they are doing and the affects of the their procedures.

I would let them know how you feel about this; if it is increasing your stress etc, in writing so it is on record.

This is early for the insurer to be asking for this type of information. I assume they are just trying to get this information early in case they need it later, so they don’t have to scramble to get it later on in year leading up to change of definition of disability. This information really isn’t relevant at this point of the claim but I would not say it gos as far as to be bad faith. I think it is is situation where they are trying to get as much information early as possible so they can run things more smoothly (from their perspective) in the year before the COD. For example, they may ask people for this same info in year before COD and if the person delays getting it back, it gives the insurer a tight timeline to get the assessments done in advance of the COD.

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I was never asked for my resume but I wonder if the employer passed it on.
It doesn’t really matter to me but I wonder if they are allowed to pass my resume on.
If you were looking for a job, you probably want your resume passed around.