Cpp eligibility?


I am a 34 year old female diagnosed with idiopathic Intracranial hypertension back in 2011. Long story short, after a few years of lifestyle adjustments to try and help with my condition things got a little out of control. I had severe headaches, tinnitus in my right ear, ocular hemorrhaging, chronic neck and back pain, vertigo type symptoms, blurred vision, and to top it off I developed horrible anxiety because of all the symptoms and medical appointments. I literally felt like I was dying. I had a lumbar puncture done in 2013 to relieve the CSF fluid which was flattening my pituitary glass and they started me on diamox to control the pressure build up. I ended up hospitalized for 7 days from a severe lumbar migraine and had 2 unsuccessful blood patches done. I was out of work for 3 weeks recovering and it was then that my anxiety and depression kicked in full force. I have tried for a few years to adjust my hours at work to part time because my body just will not allow me to sit or work for extended periods of time without crippling migraines or unmanageable neck pain. This is all from my condition and it well documented on any site you “google” about my condition. I have been struggling for years with pain and It certainly affects my work and personal life. I was recently approved to receive Botox from my neurologist to help with the discomfort, it was that or we had to do another lumbar puncture. It helps a little and takes the edge off but I still live with all these symptoms on a daily basis. I recently had to stop working completely (I am a dental assistant) as I could not tolerate the long working hours and my headaches were constant because of my working positions. I have applied for cpp disability back in May, my doctor filled in her forms and out my condition was chronic and unlikely to resolve itself. I am so worried after talking to people that my application will be denied and I already feel like I’m at my whits end. How on earth do I demonstrate that my chronic illness is worthy of cpp disability? Short of them living in my skin… I was as detailed as possible in my application and my doctor provided all my medical reports and reports from my specialists that I had seen over the years. Problem is we do the know what has caused my condition, hence idiopathic! What arey odds here? Any help or advice is appreciated.



My husband’s prognosis on his medical form was likely chronic

My husband included with his application a pain and fatigue tracker which he down loaded from a site that has psychology tools. He then could give a number for his pain and fatigue and each hour document what activityinactivity he did.
He was 100% accurate—in the 6 weeks he tracked he did note he went once to a movie-moved grass and such.
As well as how often he had to rest and such.

He also included emails to his Union where he had to step down from being Shop Steward due to health.

He also included proof that we won a 10,000 vacation from Sun Wing. He was too ill to use and they offered us another year to take-but we never could use. We lost the trip -no cash value either

We also ordered and paid for all medical records-even the irrelevent was included.

Focus on the fatigue and pain that makes you unable to meet the basic requirements of being a reliable employee and that you can not predict better days from worse days. ie; you would not be able to follow a work schedule with set breaks