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I am currently in the process of applying for CPP disability, my doctor is filling in her portion of the required paper work so we can send of my application. I was diagnosed with a condition called idiopathic intracranial hypertension in 2013, my symptoms presented around 2010 however it took time seeing many specialists to get a firm diagnosis because they needed to rule out a brain Tumor first. I suffer from chronic migraines, neck, shoulder and back pain, tinnitus, dizziness, blurred vision, ocular hemorrhages etc. I take medication 3 times daily to help control my bodies over production of CS fluid and I was also recently approved for Botox Injections by my neurologist to see if it would help with the pain. In late 2013 I was hospitalized for 7 days from a traumatic lumbar puncture to drain CSF fluid, I ended up suffering terrible panic and anxiety attacks which led to me being medicated and seeking help from a psychologist because I could not function. My condition has continued to deteriorate and my chironic pain has effected my ability to work and my personal life. I have not been working since December 2016, my employer terminated my employment because I could no longer work the hours he required of me and it was also a very unhealthy working environment which only aggravated my condition. After reading about CPP disability and how difficult it is to get an approval, I’m questioning the outcome of my application even though I have a long term chronic and serious condition. I am currently on EI which will end may 2017… Should I be seeking legal assistance to help my application?
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Sorry, this heading was supposed to be closed to posts. We always recommend people apply for CPP-D if they believe they have a long-term disability or limitation that will prevent them from earning over $15000 per year.