Do I qualify for CPP disability?


Hello, I had previously been on LTD benefits from work over 6 years ago for a serious car accident.
I returned to a different job after 2 years. Following that about 3 years later I was diagnosed with Meneries disease in my right ear. This caused me severe spinning, dizziness, vomiting and motion sensitivity for which I was off work for 2 years again and went through a retraining vestibular program to allow me to drive and function. I had been coping well up to about 3 months ago when the motion sensitivity began to increase. I sought treatment with the vestibular physiotherapist. I started at work by making it a half day then vomiting, then only 2-3 hours and finally one hour. I saw my family doctor and he placed me off work until my surgery. However my surgery was gastric related for weight loss as I was gathering cormobidities of diabetes and borderline hypertension. I had the surgery June 30th and am recovering currently. However the motion sensitivity is continuing making it impossible for me to walk without “head symptoms” and nausea. I should state that when I returned to work after the Menerier’s diagnosis that I had a limited scope of work, no bending over etc and a 20 minute drive to work as driving sets the motion sensitivity into action as well as any distance walking. As I used my sickness work benefits during the times I was off in the last few months for my Menerier’s complications, I currently am on EI illness benefits for my surgery and recover. I am suppose to currently return to work August 1st, but I already know this is not going to happen. My question is does CPP disability cover something like Menerie’s disease and its disabilities as it can and is very intrusive in my quality of life and abilities to function in an already modified work role. (I am a RN and work at a day clinic job 3 days a week) The disability in the new job is the repetitive movement and the large amount of computer time affects my motion sensitivity and I never know when its going to happen. But it has been happening most days there is just no way to know what sets it off.
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Did you try to get accomodation at work?

First, you have to meet contribution criteria for CPP-D. If you didn’t contribute enough then you won’t be eligible to apply.

Second, if you cannot hold a gainful employment because of you functional limitations then you should be ok to apply. It may not be about diagnosis but your ability to work.

You can call Service Canada to see if you eligible.

There are some provincial disability financial support programs that don’t require any contributions. Did you look into those?


I have contributed to CPP for over 30 years


The specific diagnosis or medical condition is not a factor in whether someone can qualify for CPP disability. The focus is on any impairments you have that prevent you from engaging in gainful employment on a regular basis. If you have the ability to earn $15000 or more per year, then you won’t qualify for CPPD.

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