Off 3 months haven't applied for CPP

I have a question please, which I’ll ask after I give you a little info.

I’ve been off work for 3 months. My being off just snowballed with my health issues not allowing me to accept shifts. I am a casual, so no set hours, I’m only required to do so many hours a year, so I’m just listed as
“not available” not reported as ill. I have seen my GP through the years as my condition worsened.
I’ve seen a specialist, who said I have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, chronic pain, and then was told there was no more that could be done, just try different meds., exercises. I found a specialist, through a relative, and was on a waiting list, or so I thought, anyway that didn’t happen. So, to me there was nothing to be done. I didn’t keep going to my GP too often as there seemed as though there wasn’t any point, I suffered in silence and do the best I can when and if I can, with help from loved ones.
Ok, my question… there are a couple short shifts at work coming up, some are not for the usual physical portion of my job, I’m wondering if I should try to do them or will it look like I’ve been capable all these months even if I try and fail? Would that one day or so cancel out the 3 months I’ve been off as if I was capable? Plus, I don’t know that I’m even mildly capable of much, until the day of. I just heard from the specialists office, I got back on the list, and have an appointment March 2nd. I’m feeling like it wouldn’t be taken as though I made a good effort, as if I was really trying hard, if I even try to get ready to go into work and fail, that it might be viewed as I’m well enough just for trying and that would work against me. Honestly, every day a shower is a daunting task, so life can be very challenging. Trying to get info and decide what to do has been a bit over whelming. Now I’m being told I should have applied for medical EI. I’m not sure if that’s too late, is it? Can I apply to EI that far back then apply to CPP? To fill out the online forms with what I worked weekly, income, and what work was missed for these forms is terribly challenging when you haven’t any set hours, just casual, on call.

This specialist would be the best to fill out any medical forms, so this is good, but there are shifts coming up and I just don’t know if I should cancel them, it’s been very difficult and I don’t want to set myself back even more, perhaps there’s my answer. I also don’t want to rock the boat too much at work either by not coming in at all but I’m not on disability either, I feel so in limbo, it’s stressful.

I hope this has made some sense, I actually did try to keep it short :slight_smile:

Thanks very much,


We always recommend people try to work. Generally speaking continuing to try and work (even if you fail) will not be held against you. At the end of the day, there will be a determination on whether you have the capacity to maintain regular gainful employment. I don’t think working the shifts you are mentioning will have any bearing on that. You should apply for EI sickness if you qualify to receive those payments.

Typically a claim for EI should be made within 4 weeks. I am glad you will get to see a specialist soon. You may want to be referred to a psychiatrist as they can be helpful with medications. Being in chronic pain is maddening and wears you down.
Your condition will affect your mental state and often a psychiatrist can validate your need for proper pain medication.
Right now it is important that you see your GP on a regular basis. Keep all medical appointments and if possible see if you can be referred for physiotherapy and/or to a pain psychologist.
It is your responsibility to do all you can to try and improve your health. If you need to file for disability it will go a long way to support your claim if you can not work.
But better than that, you may find a treatment or medication that helps you push through.


Thank you for your replies, so very much appreciated.

Good day, I am off one year due to many things causing my disability, except for one day that I went in to try to keep current hoping I would one day return. Although not yet receiving CPP-D, I am still off and because I am a casual I have been able to avoid leaving my position, although I feel guilty, or them letting me go. Is one way better than the other? I’m not sure if I should try to hang on and hope that they don’t let me go or wave the white flag knowing that I am not any closer to being able to work. In the eyes of CPP-D or getting severance, it’s union, or my vested pension, is there a preferable way to lose my position? Thank you much!

Let the employer decide to let you go.

Have you applied for long term disability?

Hi, thanks for your reply.

I haven’t as yet, my specialist is behind in paperwork but it should be completed soon(ish) and then I’ll submit my application.