The saga continues re: figuring out overpayment with my insurance co

Hi again - HELP!!

I gave my consent for my insurance company to contact CPP-D re: figuring out my overpayment - not rocket science I thought. Since then, I have had to engage in two conference calls with my insurance co. and CPP-D. Not helpful. This should be a simple thing that they deal with daily but somehow it has been a 3 ring circus.
They want to know when my payments for CPP-D began to be paid out to me.
I actually gave them a detailed email of this. This is also not rocket science because the 4th months after you are on leave is when your CPP-D legally starts. How can they not know this - June 2016. I have told them this but they want proof of this by requesting my payout sheet from CPP-D. I told them that It only shows the number of months for 2016 and 2017 (not specific dates - those were found out by calling CPP-D (1st conference call) that reflects the amount that is being paid to me re: these months and then there is a payout that will paid to the insurance co. I don’t know why CPP-D did not put the specific months - only the number of months. Why does the insur. co. want to know this when LTD started July 2016. They also calculated the reimbursement to August 2017 and it is now Sept. CPP-D paid out to me until Sept which makes sense. So I am fine with them recalculating Sept. But I think they want to take the money I got for June 2016 but won’t say that - what they are saying is that they need written evidence of my start date for CPP-D for “profiling purposes” and when I ask them what this means I have not got a straight answer and it is obvious they are trying to hide something. So I have been playing stupid and just asking questions but I have been honouring the requests and have nothing to hide, I did say to them I don’t understand what is going on. I thought this was standard processing and it was up to you (MANULIFE) to get the info you needed upon me giving you consent. They keep going back to needing to have printed evidence of the initial CPP-D pay out date. I feel so disrespected and stressed with all this which I conveyed.

Did you check your Service Canada account? Does it show CPP-D payments by month?

They may just need this information to have it on record in case if they are audited or anything like that.

It might be 4 months after you leave work or 3 months after LTD starts, I don’t know.
I think it is 4 months after Service Canada decides you are disabled, I have no idea how they decide.
It is the date the letter from Service Canada says.
I doubt the insurance company will assume anything, the only legal date is the one Service Canada decides.

Doesn’t you acceptance letter from Service Canada say the months your payments started and the monthly amount? I expected the letter from Service Canada to say everything the insurance company wants to know.

My goodness they (Manulife) are really making a mess of what should be pretty straightforward. I’ve recently been “awarded” the CPP-D, I initially received 3 letters from the gov’t stating this, however, neither one of these letters actually have the specific start date. Only the month (in my case May 2016) is indicated, which made me so upset and frustrated. I mean really, how hard is it to print a date! I waited on hold on 2 separate days trying to get the specific date, eventually gave up.

My LTD which also happens to be with Manulife, started on May 14, 2016. I had signed all of the permission forms, reimbursement form that Manulife wanted for CPP-D. But I was ready to go to battle over the 13 day period (possibly) that CPP-D was calculating and sending a huge check directly to Manulife. The possibility of a paltry 13 day portion of May 2016 may not sound like much, but when you are struggling to get by on a reduced income, it IS a big deal! I feel your frustration and stress over this Rupert.

Thankfully, it seems like it has sorted itself out. At long last, I received letters stating the effective date of the CPP-D was in fact, May 1, 2016. CPP-D has sent out a big back payment cheque to Manulife. Manulife also called me to advise that the CPP-D backpay starting May 1, 2016 will create an overpayment amount (to me) from May 1, 2016-May 13, 2016. The Manulife lady said after they receive the CPP-D cheque, they (Manulife) will deposit the small overpayment into my account.

I am dismayed to hear about the way your case workers/accounting department has handled your claim/payment. It’s absolutely grotesque that they are scrambling and desperate to get that 1 month of payment from you. In my opinion, it would not appear that they have any right to it whatsoever. I was on STD(not through Manulife) and EI at the same time in the first few months of 2016, then there was a rather painful gap where literally zero money was coming from around mid April-May 14, 2016.

I really hope the people handling this get their heads screwed on straight, handle it properly, and stop the needless stress to you.

Thank you Ivy - yes this should be a simple matter and someone does not know what they are doing so I am writing a letter to my caseworker along with the copy of the months I would be receiving back payment plus what is going to LTD. You are right, this really should not be this complicated. I also do not know why CPP-D does not put dates on the pay period - life would be a lot more easy. It was interesting that even when the calculation analyst talked to the agent from CPP-D on a conference call, they had nothing to give her with dates on it. However, we got the dates verbally over the phone. CPP-D pays you in the 4th month after you are off sick. So I was sick in Feb and the payment started in June. Thanks for you reply and I hope everything goes well for you.

Just interesting claim that follows offsets. Just a fun read–

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Interesting read.
My benefit booklet says the insurance company can’t deduct COLA increases for CPP-D and in fact increases LTD each year for COLA.

When the CPP D retro pay statement shows a number of months in a year, you just count backwards from December and those will be the months paid. For example if it shows 5 months in 2015, then it would mean they paid you for August (1), September (2), October (3), November (4) and December (5)…the insurance company rep should know this.

Thanks David - I agree which makes me wonder why they want something in writing - are they trying to get my June 2016 payment as well. The Calculation Analyst really did not seem to know what she was doing and I think she is the main source for all this confusion in what should be a basic overpayment situation.
She wanted me to send the payout statement to my caseworker which I did along with an attached letter. So we will see.

Thanks for your support.

Susan Glanfield

It is hard to say what is going on. If you disagree with their final decision, I would be happy to review their letter and your CPP and other docs to verify if what they are doing is correct. Too hard to speculate at this point.

Thanks for all your support
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family