Insurance troubles re: reinbursement - need to vent

Hi there - I knew I would have trouble when I went from one source of income from manulife to adding CPP-D. Manulife sent them a bill for reinbursement from
July 2016 to Dec and then from Jan to August 2017 re: time I was on LTD and would receive CPP-D. Thought we were good to go and CPP-D confirmed this. Because CPP-D gives me benefits 4 months after my injury which would be June 2016 (was not on LTD) to Sept 2017. I get the June amount from CPP-D. LTD gets reimbursement for all those months except for June 2016. Well one of the senior analyst who has not been involved in the original discussion thinks they should get money for June (was not on LTD). This is after sending CPP-D a bill for the agreed upon amount that did not include June. So I had a conference call with a calculation analyst from manlife, me and CPP-D and after 45 minutes, the manlife analyst agreed with the original amount that they had sent a bill for - just ridiculous. But then I get this email from a senior analyst stating I owe them more reimbursement for June which is not the case. I am so frustrated. I emailed him explaining the situation but got confused myself - I am so angry!!! They can’t even agree upon the bill they sent CPP-D in the first place. So for Sept, I was paid the full amount by LTD because they did not know I would be paid by CPP-D for Sept. So in that case I would owe LTD some reimbursement for that month because they paid the full income but this June issue - no one knows what they are doing. Just angry and frustrated. Thought this was worked out until I got an email from this senior analyst who I don’t even know.

What a nightmare! Go see the topic called “Formula for payback”. I set out the formula and how it should work. You just have to make sure you are applying it correctly and it matches up with the specific rules of your plan. What I laid out is correct in most cases.

David Brannen

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Thanks David - I will do that. What is so frustrating is that Manulife were the ones that sent the info to CPP-D in the first place and were given payback according to that info. I don’t get this. They owe a very big apology and I am going to get it.
If I have a further flare up with my disease I am also going to hold them responsible due to this additional stress. How incompetent. I am trying to sort this out with a fog brain. I really knew this was not going to go smoothly.

Hi David - where do I find
formula for payback?

I think it is this:

Thanks Jammer
I know exactly what info they sent CPP-D. July to Dec, 2016 and Jan to Aug 2017. They know CPP-D gave me benefits for June 2016. (4 months after my time off work for my illness I qualify for CPP-D… I was on STD but not LTD. One analyst is trying to say that the overpayment should be effective June 12, 2016 I thought it was just the overlap for LTD but are they also entitled to STD?

They are in my policy–depends on the wording. Ask them to show you where in the policy they are allowed to deduct CPP-D for short term

I asked a similar question and I think David answered that they are probably entitled to STD too.
It doesn’t make sense to me though because I think my “salary continuance” (STD?) was paid for by my employer.
allyoops is right though, it depends how the policy is worded.
I haven’t dealt deeply in to this because I don’t have CPP-D yet so it was a “what if”.

They are not entitled to STD. STD is paid during the waiting period before LTD benefits even become payable. Unless there is something very different gong on in your policy, the insurer is only allow to deduct CPP payments from the months of overlap between LTD and CPP.

I think my salary continuance was 4 months and CPP-D has a waiting period of 4 months (right?).
I think my CPP-D will start paying near when my LTD started (4 months after I left work).
All is speculation until I get CPP-D.

I was told by CPP-D agent that their benefits start 4 months after you are off sick.
So I was off sick in Feb and they started the benefits in June.

Get receipts add up minus get number… Email them both and say,Have a nice Day …Oh ya to boot we get to pay taxes on it …I’ve been on LTD 10 yrs CPP.D 9 yrs Never had a problem as of yet…Probably shouldn’t have said that? Most people on here stress out to much which I have done a couple times but no more …If you can,t work that’s that .If ya can go to work its no fun not working Trust me …So take these people as that there job is to not pick Frustrate PushALittle that’s there job some of them more some less Bottom line relax @recover. Sttress does not help 1Bit GLTA Keep Smiling Great Forum by the way

Ltd Workers try to bully you some not all its there job to save money not pay money …Keep Updates with your Doc 6 months Max while recover document everything so you have answers is a must 2

Fortunately my issues were resolved