The first GP never wrote anything on the medical notes

Previously I’ve post about my husband’s insurance company denied his benefit by saying all his symptoms are not car accident related. Then I found out it’s because the first GP never send medical records (date of visit, reasons of visit, prescriptions for compensation) to the insurance. So medications and travel expenses were also denied. The GP did fax just one page called “practitioner report) to the insurance company but never mentioned anything about medications and chronic pain. This GP was the one neglect my husband illness too.

My husband has been going to this GP for 8months, once or Twice per month. And only now after I requested to get a copy of the medical records, I found this GP never wrote anything for my husband’s visit. A picture attached for his first visit after the accident image

I don’t know if this is a norm. If he never wrote anything then how he could know why my husband visit him. And insurance company never said anything about this GP lack of records but they are very happy that the GP documented nothing.

My husband’s second GP was good but suddenly decided to retire when COVID hit. His clinic can’t handle the patient since the doctor didn’t give enough notice. So my husband were thrown to Theo market. Insurance company got nothing from this GP either, except a notes from another doctor in his office give a paper of the prescription this second GP had given.

It’s only when my husband went to the emergency and got a CT scan. Find a 3rd GP whom took him seriously enough and got a neurologist. After 20is months, the new neurologist thinks my husband need a urgent MRI scan, which will be done next week. I appreciate this doctor so much.

But I really feel doomed. After the accident, we were so willing to find a lawyer but only found in our place, lawyers would represent insurance company rather than claimants. Then we were so willing to find timely treatments, but found the doctor never documented anything. And the insurance company were so happy about it.

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Contact @David_Brannen

Thank you Avan.
I know they are very supportive in disability application. Are they willing fo take person injury case from a car accident?

I don’t think so. this site is only for disability related cases.

I’m sorry to post it here. But I’m been trying to find a place to post but only find here to be understanding and supportive.

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I would still contact Resolute.
They can refer you.