Keeping a Doctor Diary


I have not done this-but know someone who keeps a Doctor Diary and it sounds like a great idea.
Doctor Diary. This can be given every time you go to a doctor/specialist.

You can document time spent with the Doctor, what was discussed, done or future referrals.

If you have a lot of appts. with different specialists this would be helpful.


My case manager does that for me :smiley:


Do you have a patient advocate-or is this your Insurers case manager. If it is from your Insurer-do you get a copy?


My case manager keeps track of all my past, current and future appointments and treatments by frequently (every 3 month or so) requesting clinical records and reports from all the doctors I see and, of course, by calling me on updates.

So far they have more information on me than I do but I think it is a bit early to request a copy of my file.

I’m not sure if you can request a copy of clinical records (not specialist reports) from your doctors. Even if you can I would be hesitant to do so in order not to show my suspicion to my doctors.


We feel very uncomfortable asking our family Doctor for her file-just awkward for us.
All of his other appointments have been through hospitals or large clinics-so we can just request all records from the record department and do not have to directly ask Doctors, physio and such.

In a month or so you could request a copy of your claim file as you are anxious that you may need to appeal CPP-D and want to have a copy of all records. We were surprised by some of the notations and suspected diagnoses that were included. It was helpful for us.


All medical information has to be provided upon request-they will charge though. The Doctor owns the records but you own the information.

However, most insurance companies will refuse to release mental health records to claimants. I did not file a human rights claim on this and regret not doing so. Not only would GWL not release they had a policy that if they funded treatment the treatment provider was also not to provide anything psychiatric or mental health related directly to the claimant. That is both psychological torture and discriminatory.


I am wondering if David and Resolute Legal can send a request to my employer for a copy of my employment file and an employment contract? Also a request to my insurer for a copy of an insurance policy and an insurance claim file?


That’s not fair but that’s the policy. His employer should have been more considerate before signing it.


No where in any contract does an Insurer have a right to deny you a right to see your medical information from any Doctor or provider. It is an internal policy of GWL that is not legal.


I would think for a fee that they could. You can hire a lawyer to do that. That is something you could do quite easily as well. It is usually your employer who has an obligation to provide the complete copy of the policy. A simple letter to request that is within your right and reasonable.

The purpose of gathering your documents and keeping a file is if you need a lawyer-you will save money by doing that part yourself. Also once lawyers get involved it can take more time to receive. However the lawyer will have an easier time in getting.


Just a thought. You know how stressful it can be for someone on ltd to deal with all this bureaucratic stuff.


Yes-we called today to see if there was any updates on CPP-D. In processing-whatever that means.

Did you get a letter that your claim will continue beyond the 2 year mark?

You can always hold off until you receive a decision on your CPP-D. Then you can request away and use the denial as an excuse, If you are approved a lot of your stress levels may go down


Do you mean Long-Term Disability?


Yes-or are you close to the change of definition?


No, still many months to go.


Do people always get a letter about their claim beyond 2 years?


If your definition of disability switches to any occupation at the 2 year time frame, then you should get a letter.
A large number of claim denials occur at the change of definition.


Never even made it onto ltd…


Sorry to hear that your husband and you have had such a struggle. hopefully you have a good lawyer and supportive doctors. It often comes down to a battle of the expert reports.
Try to set a few hours a day where you tell your mind that it has to take a time out from thinking about all the struggles.
Try to remember your own self care, even if exhausted, you must take care of yourself. Try drinking more water and daily walks too. You will lose friends during this time…it will work out, you will be stronger and it will get better,


If you are still employed, employment law prevents you from having a lawyer intervene between you and your employer. To speak on your behalf or to make requests for information. The law requires a direct communication between the employer and employee in the employer-employee relationship, unless you are in a union situation.

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