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Medical Records

My insurance company are requesting that I go for an IME and stated that this was after their medical partner had reviewed my file. I of course said I would attend and I requested a copy of the file for both myself and my GP. The first response I received simply said that “they could not forward me a copy of the report”, no explanation given as to why. Having dealt with this insurance company for a while now I know the way they word things at times can be disingenuous and lacking clarity so I of course pushed back (politely as always) and asked why this was the case as this information was about me and was being used to justify being sent for an IME and that surely I had a right to see it. The second response was a long the lines of "as it’s an internal document I have been advised not to share it. They then stated that I could request my entire file if I wished but that they are unable to send me specific documents from my files. Is all of this legal and true? I thought that I had a right to see any file pertaining to me and having to request your whole file anytime you want to see one document seems excessive. Any clarity around this issue would be very much appreciated,

As for the IM itself . .

I did as I have seen advised everywhere and for medical reasons I have requested any intake/waiver forms, the name of the doctor etc etc. They have said they will provide this information in plenty of time. I also informed my GP and she would like me to go and see her after my IME which I will do, I also asked a trusted friend to come with me on the day,. I just received a letter about the IME informing me that someone would be in touch to arrange it. It also stated on my letter that I could not bring anyone into the exam with me (I hadn’t told them I intended to do so). Can they legally do that? I have had such bad experiences with this company over the past 4yrs that I do not trust them and I also suffer from bad brain fog so my memory retention, concentration etc can be really bad at times. I don’t feel comfortable attending this exam on my own and was wondering what my options are legally and if anyone has any advice.?

Apologies for the long post, as always I am grateful for any help/advice given.

Thanks In Advance

I think you have the right to bring someone to the exam.
Not sure about IN the actual exam especially if it is a psychiatrist.
I don’t know.

As for requesting the whole file to get one document
It is wasteful but I’m not surprised.
Request the whole file. :slight_smile:

Good luck.

Thanks for replying Jammer, I appreciate it.

It’s actually a Rheumatologist they want me to see. Like I said, I have no problem going to the appointment I need to protect myself and ensure I get all the info and whats said at the exam, which with my brain fog, can be a serious issues at times. Surely they legally can’t tell me that I’m not allowed have someone accompany me into the exam? That just seems completely wrong to me.

As for the files, the rules just keep changing. Having to request the whole file for one document is a new thing and seems ridiculous in the extreme, and was the third option given only when I kept pushing back about the medical report. I will definitely be requesting it but it seems overkill to say the least it. My previous case worker took over 5 months to get me a copy of my file and that was only after I was forced to make an official complaint for various reasons incl missed payments, lack of communication and not giving me my file. He then refused to send the file directly to me and said it could only be sent to my GP., My current case worker has said it will be sent directly to me and hasn’t mentioned the GP. I’m just at a loss as to know whats legally fine and whats not.

It seems never ending at times. Thanks again for replying Jammer.

The law probably varies between provinces and it wouldn’t surprise me if an insurance company says something is legal that isn’t.

Some people recommend recording the session.
I think David advises against it.

They can request that you not have anyone present. My advice is to send (proof of receipt-fax or email) asking why the reason why you can not bring in your friend for support. Briefly explain your anxiety and brain fog issues and how a friend would be helpful and not interfere in any way. Thank them for a quick response and for considering your request.

Be polite and speak in simple short sentences. Not to wordy-:slight_smile:

Record–record and again record—so you can make accurate notes.
Keep the recording safe or download also to another device.

Don’t tell anyone-you can use your phone to record

They can not refuse to send your complete file to you…I will send tomorrow more on that.

Thanks Folks. Dealing with the insurance companies can be a tad difficult at times. . .it’s all smoke and mirrors : ) .I just want to protect myself as much as I can but the lack of information/clarity around all of this can make doing that very difficult. I’m truly grateful for any and all advice which I will take on board.

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