LTD insurer Requesting copies of consultation notes

I received a letter today from my insurance requesting that I signed the usual authorization to release diagnostic imaging results. The thing that I am questioning is their request to also authorize them to have copies of the consultation notes from my oncologist. It was in my understanding that under FOIP that Dr. patient notes are private. I feel that this is impinging on my privacy rights. Has anyone dealt with this and how did you handle the request?
I don’t have anything to hide. I have stage for metastatic breast cancer in the bone. My prognosis was 2 to 3 years, but that was five years ago. I deal with the ongoing side effects from the treatments, ongoing side effects from the medications and depression. I am single mother of two kids, with no child support. I am not able to return to work, even on modified duties. My insurance representative has previously tried to bully me back to work, but I have the support of my oncologist and family MD.

Advice would be greatly appreciated.


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When I first applied for LTD I requested all records from my doctors which I sent to the insurance company.
I don’t remember if that included doctors notes or just visits and medications.
It might have because I asked the clinic why it was taking so long and they said they had to get approval from each doctor I saw.
It was a one time thing, I don’t remember giving them ongoing permission

In your case, maybe they want to make it easier to keep approving your claim BUT maybe they want the notes so they can take something out of context and cut you off.

I don’t have experience with this, sorry.
I would phone the insurance company and state your concerns and ask why they need that.
Maybe @David_Brannen has experience with this.

Good luck.

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Thanks for your quick response!

I have left several messages for my case manager. He usually only replies in a timely fashion to my messages when HE needs something; not so much when I have a question or concern.
I unfortunately missed his call yesterday. In hindsight I’m happy I did. In his message he stated clearly that he is looking to get a verbal update from me on my condition (and didn’t acknowledge my question).
I’m guessing this is to look for discrepancies from doctors notes and what I say.

It may be better to request email rather than discuss things over the phone.

I’ve worked medical clinics and hospitals…I’ve even prepared charts for insurance companies.

Not once did I include consultation notes…unless they were formally drafted with intention to be sent to another physician, surgeon. For instance WCB asks for progress notes which are essentially a form of consult notes and those would be included in the file.

Patient-doctor notes were always kept private unless requested by a court order.

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Does it say diagnostic imaging results only? You should confirm it with your insurer.

My therapist refuses to give my insurer her consultation notes and they don’t even argue that. I guess that’s the reason.

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Correct. Some of my doctors do not give their notes. Only my lazy GP sent my whole file. It took him seven months to do that.

it says "please ensure you indicate in section B of the authorization that you are giving authorization to release diagnostic reports/results and also to release consultation reports

i spoke with my oncologists secretary today and she said they often get these requests. i know many of the doctors i worked with put personal opinions and refused to release the doctors personal notes based on this alone. In addition, i talk to my oncologist about alot of other aspects of my life that have nothing to do with my cancer.

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You can explain to your insurer that under such and such law your consultation reports can remain private. Also ask your doctor not to release them to the insurer.

I don’t remember what I signed but I was ok with my doctors sending consultation notes to the insurer. But it was my therapists idea not to release them as they contain too much private information.