Talking to the CPP Medical Adjudicator who rejected your claim


My initial CPP disability application was rejected. Buried within the rejection letter I received from Service Canada I noticed a paragraph heading which contained a few very interesting words.

If you disagree with the decision
… if you have questions about this decision or your appeal rights, please calll… A telephone agent will ask me to call you."

The letter was signed by a real person, the medical adjudicator.
It took me a week or so to get up the courage and prepare myself, but I called the 1-800 and received a call back from the medical adjudicator within a few hours.

The adjudicator carefully went through the reasons why my claim was rejected. I was able to understand the gaps and misunderstanding. She was very kind and almost the first words out of her mouth were “I’m sorry I had to reject your claim.”

My discussion with her was invaluable in helping me to prepare my reconsideration letter. I was also able to tell my doctor the specific comment that needed to be addressed in a previous report. My reconsideration letter and my doctor’s letter were very brief and my CPP-D was approved within a few weeks.

I’m posting this note because I haven’t seen anyone mention the option of talking to the medical adjudicator and wanted to let you know that I did, it helped me, and it was a positive experience that left me in tears (in a good way).

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Thank you for sharing!


Great news, congrats Joanne.


That’s a wonderful story. I am so glad you succeeded!


So did you get approved -or are you waiting for the decision.

Great advice on calling! I would also include a letter with the reconsideration documents noting the day, time of call and who one speaks with, thanking the individual for their time and advice. Then point out that you followed what they advised by including the following information. (and list the new documents you are including)

Kill them with kindness and also always document what was advised :slight_smile:

If denied-you should immediately request your Service Canada file and if you do not call fax a letter (so you can prove it was sent ) asking for written reasons for the denial. If you call, document the call via fax or by including a letter as above with the reconsideration.

Document, document and always document


Recognizing the gaps in information – and knowing how to fill them – is the key to success in most cases.

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Hello, i applied for ccpd in may and got denied. Said needed more medical info. Si i sent in more. I put un a request for financial urgency and put as a priority. As well contacted my mp, they are being very helpful and on the ball. As well as justin trudeaus office. I hate that it takes si long fir a decision. As well when u calk into the call centre everyone has a different answer for me. Today they said they are working on it and to call in a month. Anyone else frustrated


I have done the same thing. I am hoping ut goes the same for me as well. Have you recieved pymt.