Sun life, son's SIN, why do they need this info

Sun life is making my husband apply for cop disability. They have offered services of DCAC Inc to help fill out forms. This company has asked for our adult children’s social insurance numbers. Why would they need this info?

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I wouldn’t provide that without an explanation from them that satisfied me.


I can’t see any reason they would.
Like Caro said, don’t provide it until they answer.

It explains on Page 2 of the CPP disability application.

“If you worked less or stopped working because you were the primary caregiver to one or more children under the age of 7, you may have contributed little or less than nothing to CPP. For this reason we may be able to apply the child rearing provision. This could help you meet the minimum amount of valid CPP contributions needed to qualify for a disability benefit, and/or increase the amount you could receive.”

Basically, they remove the time you were out of the work force so it doesn’t work against you in averaging out the benefit contribution calculations (in the past it was mostly for women who stayed home to raise the children, but nowadays with the change of parental leave for both parents it could be either parent)


Marilyn M is correct. It is to assess if your hubsand would qualify under the primary caregiver clause, or some adult children can stil qualify for Children’t CPP if they are in school. DCAC are a legitimate group and they would be asking for this in good faith. I believe you could easily leave this out but you might get a call from the Service Canada medical adjudicator asking for it because they are just trying to cover all basis.

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