Child Rearing Provision Help


I was asked by Service Canada to provide a letter from the CRA indicating my eligibility for CCTB, had I applied during my time as Primary Caregiver. They also said that the CRA would likely require a written declaration from my spouse indicating that I was the primary caregiver at the time.

Each time I have spoken with a CRA agent, I am told that, they do not provide any type of letters indicating eligibility regarding CCTB. I even read them the paragraph from the CPP-D application and they still gave the same response.

Are there any forms or document templates that could be completed and mailed / faxed to the CRA to obtain such a letter?

Thank you for your help;

You dont need a letter from CRA. Provide dates of birth and childrens names and if older social insurance numbers. They will go five yrs from date of birth and put it in your calculation for benefits to determine you monthly amount if approved.

Thanks for the feedback! Unfortunately it seems that this is not the case, unless you were the primary caregiver who was also receiving the CCB at the Time.

This is what it says on the application: “Provide a letter from Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) indicating you would have been eligible for the CCB had you applied when you were the primary caregiver. Please contact the CRA for more information about obtaining this letter.”