Information about how they process cpp-d applications and timing

Hi there. My husband applied for cpp-d back in April and the medical report was sent in May. Mid July he got a letter asking for us to fill out a questionaire regarding the claim for the child benefit (my kids/his step kids). We filled that out and sent it right away. This week we got another letter asking for copies of documents regarding the custody of the kids.

My question is, does this mean his application is being held up by this and it will take longer for them to consider it medically? Do they look at both things at the same time? Or do they request this sort of thing only after they think you are entitled to the cpp-d.

I’m confused because the only thing the information on the child does is help them figure out how much he gets. It wouldn’t make sense if that delays them deciding if he will be approved or not.


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Welcome Jane.

I don’t know the answer.
My GUESS is they would ask for stuff about the children after they have processed the other parts or do it in parallel. It wouldn’t make sense to wait for that stuff but it is the government so I wouldn’t be surprised if they are inefficient. Do you know how to access Service Canada online?
Your application was sent 4 months ago so I would phone and see if you can get an update.
Good luck.

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This would have nothing to do with approval decision and only related to “if approved” what are the total benefits that need to be paid out. They have to be certain if there is a childrens benefit to be paid out, and if so, who that benefit gets paid to – the child if they are 18 or older or the custodial parent if they are 18 or under.

The payout of childrens benefits is something that can be easily screwed up by the Service Canada rep, so I expect they are being super careful to make sure it is processed correctly.

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Thanks for the responses. I guess my concern was if the child stuff would delay the starting to look at if he will be approved or not. I understand why they need the information.

Online it just says in process.

Yeah, it will delay things because they will want to get all ducks in a row before making a decision or processing the application.