Student benefit-1750 a month?

So my spouse has CPP-D. I know all the details are not out but I am thinking he should be a student and sign up for a course or two to qualify for the 1750? Any thoughts?

You will probably have to wait until they post eligibility criteria on their website and go from there.

Not sure if a course or two can qualify. You may need to pursue a degree in order to be eligible. But who knows. They created so many loopholes in these programs that anyone can apply and be approved. Also the courses are not cheap.

Well being disabled you would also qualify for a grant of 2600 towards the costs. You can be part time. I just wonder if he would be excluded because of CPP disability. Trudeau also took the family (my salary) out of applying for the Grant or student loans

There must be a lot of students with disabilities. They cannot just say no to them. It would be a discrimination.

Smart question Lori! When the eligibility rules come out I suspect they might say you already needed to be a full time student this past school year (part-time if you were disabled) in order to qualify. In addition, if anybody has LTD in addition to CPPD, you’ll need to report the $1,750 CERB benefit to your insurance company monthly as earnings. CERB is a new thing, but it is very much “employment income” like earnings, my guess is the insurance company will offset the CERB 100% as they claw back double dipping.

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