STD what is the start date?

I had a stroke on September 19, 2021, and my company paid me up to Dec.3rd, 2021 at which time I should have submitted my application to Manulife for Short Term Disability. My STD plan covers 26 weeks. (I have no LTD) All the paperwork was completed by my doctor, and my employer at that time, but due to my circumstances I didn’t file until last week. Manulife approved my claim, but I was surprised to hear that the commence date for my claim is from September 19, (the day I became disabled) and not December 3rd. So the 11 weeks that I was paid by my employer will be deducted from the 26 weeks, and I will only receive payments from Manulife for 15 weeks. I didn’t expect to receive payment from Manulife for the time my employer paid me, but I also didn’t expect for them to use September 19th as the start date for my claim.
Does this seem right?

I think to give a good answer one would need to see the wording of your policy. Anyways, the insurance company getting credit for payments made by your employer after the onset of your disability (when your stroke first happened), does seem reasonable, but you’ll need to review the specific wording of your policy.

What was that for STD?
Then it transitioned to LTD but the start date was Sep 19 and you expected it to be after the STD?
It seems correct.

Thank you for the speedy responses. I don’t have Long Term Benefits, so my next step will be applying for EI Sick Benefits.

Good luck.
Maybe also look into the DTC (Disability Tax Credit).
My friend who had a stroke (and can’t work anymore) got it and CPP-D.
It saves on tax payable.

Thank You.
Today My doctor filled in the paper work for EI Sick Benefits, and he suggested that I get the paper work rolling now, for CPP Disability and Tax Credit.
He said not to wait as it could take a while.

My friend had to appeal it too (they obviously never read his application for CPP-D).
Don’t be surprised if it takes a year or more.
You could be lucky and get a fast decision though.
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Hi, the “STD benefits start date” (also called date of disability) and “benefit period” will be defined in your group benefits booklet. For most people, the date of disability is the first day that you are unable to work because of disability. Then the 26 weeks (i.e. benefit period) will run from that date, regardless of whether you continue to get paid by employer. Therefore, payments from employer will offset any payments from the STD. Most people can’t extend the 26 weeks because it runs from your date of disability, not last date you got paid from employer. There is some flexibility with EI Sickness for what you are describing, but never for STD as far as I am aware of or ever seen.

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Thank You for the clarification!