LTD application form

Hi Everyone,

I am applying for LTD and need some guidance as my employer and my insurance company are not being helpful.

On the form I’m trying to fill out, one of the requests is to include an ‘initial benefits statement’ if I have received employer sponsored STD.

Anyone have any idea what this means? Any help would be appreciated

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Sounds like something that only your employer can provide if it’s a benefit you got. Do you know if you got STD paid by your employer after you went off? Or were you just on EI sickness benefits? Do you have a company benefits booklet? It should outline if you have those STD benefits.

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Hi Caro, I got STD that was paid by my employer. I’ve asked my employer for this statement… but they told me to go talk to the insurance company to clarify what they meant. The insurance company sent me back to my employer. So I’m kinda stuck here.

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Did the STD show up on your paystubs? If so you could give them that. If not make a list of what you received and send that.

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I would put your HR contact in touch with your insurance company contact and let them figure it out. :slight_smile:

My STD does show up my paystubs. I can attach that. Thanks for your help.