Service Canada letter

I have a question and concern has anyone ever recd a letter from cppd
re “your responsibilities to report ?” I guess if you return to work volunteer
go back to school etc.? Its a standard letter however it kind of comes across
as questionable . Is this a yearly thing Im fairly new to cppd and found this
info a bit invasive as I already know the rules.

It’s a mass mailing standard form letter. I got one too, this is the first one of this exact type that I’ve gotten in 5 or 6 years.

Me too.
First one I got.

I got one as well. I wouldn’t worry about it.

I think a new letter was sent out this year whereby they have tightened what they want to know in terms of working and volunteering. The letter would have gone out to ALL CPP-D recipients I think. I don’t think you were singled out on anything ImariK.

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