New CPPD rules a little much

Hi there, anyone else receive a letter in the mail recently about the new rules? It feels as though they are more like the insurance companies now…you have to report volunteer hours over a certain amount, and school hours (meanwhile they hand out grants to people on cppd for that very thing?), I would be a little scared to do anything after reading that…it feels like there is more of a push to get people back to work…or maybe I am being paranoid? Definitely feels like a bit of a slap in the face…for the meagre amount they give us (I only get 400 dollars/month), are we supposed to just suffer alone and be poor?
Anyone else feeling upset after reading their letter?

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I read mine, didn’t see anything new from the letter I received when I first went on CPPD, realized it was a form letter and filed it in the recycling bin. I assumed that they’d discovered that some people weren’t aware of the existing rules so sent out a mass reminder letter.

How are you only getting $400/month? Genuinely curious because I thought the minimum amount was at least double that.

I think they’re really pushing the vocational rehabilitation piece now to try and get people off benefits. My background is Voc rehab for one of the big insurance companies so I do get the benefits to people when they can manage to do it, but… I’m also a claimant so I understand not being able to and the worry associated with feeling forced into something I can’t do. Definitely feeling ‘insurance’.

They are not new rules.

Maybe some Canadian Forces or government pension thing is deducted.
I didn’t think it was possible either.

Maybe, usually they deduct CPP from other income sources and not the other way around. CPP is the first payor with the exception of a pension for an injury sustained in service, but then neither is deducted. It just makes me nervous to see what my amount might be if I get approved, hopefully it’ll be close to the online estimate. I feel so terrible for anyone trying to live off this to start with but this low amount is something our government should be ashamed of issuing.

I honestly don’t know, I phoned and asked and they just said that the number was based on my contributions…though I worked full-time for about 3 or 4 years and part-time most of my life…clearly my contributions weren’t substantial enough…

No…I don’t have a pension, they told me that number was based on my contributions…also I applied at the very last possible moment…so they had to go way back…I was off for 3yrs before I ever applied for cppd

Agreed, it is ridiculously low and why should we be condemned to poverty because we are disabled? So weird.

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I don’t have a pension myself and am not over 65…they told me that it was based soley on my contributions to cpp.

It literally said *new beside the volunteer work thing and the school thing…

Just low contributions they said…honestly it’s better than the alternative which is losing more money on the taxes laid for a higher amount

Hmm must be different than the form I received…mine straight up said *new

Mine definitely said “recent changes” and “new” in several places.

This is what the website says:

The basic payment amount is $524.64. We add to the basic amount based on how much you paid into the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) while you worked. If you are receiving the disability benefit or post-retirement disability benefit, your dependent children may also be eligible for a children’s benefit.Apr 7, 2022

Maybe you are having taxes deducted and that reduces it to $400. Check to see if you really need that much tax deducted, if not, change it.

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Hi kfm,

You are both an insurer employee and currently off on a disability … is this correct? Do you know a lot about the Vocational Rehab of the big insurance companies … how they work, any tips, anything to watch out for?

Any info you provide would be helpful and appreciated!

That’s correct, I’m happy to try to answer any questions! Every policy is different and has specific rules, but I can share where it’s helpful

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Nope, I called and asked and they said that was just the amount based on my contributions…I specifically asked about the taxes…they insisted that I call another line and have the taxes taken off…so I don’t think it is because of taxes being deducted.
I think it’s strange though!

I re read that article…it is definitely even stranger in light of the wording there…but I’m actually kinda grateful I get less…it means less taxes off my already meagre income!