Sent for a psychologist by your Insurer?

This is a practice that I believe is where the most abuse of insureds occur. It seems to be a way to label and disrespect the individual.

Compulsory Psychological testing in my experience is disrespectful and disregards the person. This can be an extremely humiliating experience and wonder if anyone else has an experience and how they coped afterwards?

I know for my husband having the repeated necessity of proving your pain and disability, proving your moral character, and to always be on the look out for discrediting schemes from your Insurer has really harmed him.

He wants the diagnosis of MS just so he is treated better and not feel so stigmatized. To be placed in a position where you hope for more brain and spine lesions so you can stop dealing with suspicion.

I agree,
I am not looking forward to (hopefully) many years of looking over my shoulder.