Got a call from insurance


They are transferring my file to another division and they will send me a questionnaire every Dec.
No medical reports to get filled out, just “how are you feeling” stuff.


That will make your life much easier.


Well, you have unofficially dropped off their radar,congrats :smile:


Except I am paranoid so it might be a trick.
Unfortunately, I traded (not voluntarily) physical health for it.


Same thing happened to me last year. Except they just said, “you will be going into a more permanent status now and we will just contact less”. I sure hope it is just questions once a year. I was asked to fill out a daily activities in the spring. Sent it in, and received a response that said “approved and payment set, we will continue to contact you yearly”. Sure hope that it will alleviate the huge stress of reporting to them so often. Good luck to you.


I hope the yearly questionnaire is a “are you still alive” thing.