Run around for ten months

I applied for cpp disabiity may 5 2023. received a call from adjudicator dec 4 they needed more information. My doctor faxed them dec 29th… I called Jan 16 , i was told it past medical and was now with benefits… adjudicator called jan 24 told me denied , he said needed a later from my dr. he said a letter had been sent to me… nothing received. Feb 2 I called and was told that on jan 15 and 16 documentation was received from my doctor but had not been opened or reviewed yet. told to wait yet another 15 days. My mental health is suffering severly. I am close to losing my home. I am at the end of my rope with these people. the adjudicator was smug, one customer service guy was very nice. what the heck do i do. Help

I don’t know what the current wait time is but it was years last year for some people.
Other people seemed to get approved quickly.
I would make sure ask the next time you call if they have everything they need.
Except one person might say they do but then someone else wants more information.

I think you can apply for EI sick benefits but I think you’d have to pay it back when CPP-D is approved.
You’ll get back pay for CPP-D so that shouldn’t be a problem.

Hopefully someone with more knowledge will comment.

Thank you for your response. Wait time for cpp is usually 4 months. I am on month 10. It’s frustrating to try to get anyone to give me an answer. When I spoke to adjudicator he repeated the same thing from first conversation. Then it’s been heck. Then I find out stuff received not reviewed. This process has been so hard to deal with. I was on ei sick benefit but it ran out. It’s just overwhelming at times. Thanks for your advice I will call and ask

If you are facing financial difficulties you can apply to welfare/social services. They will give you something depending on if there is other household income and if CPPD makes a decision in your favour you will have to pay back what they gave you. At least you will have a little extra to help out. Are you receiving any LTD from an Employer or Provincial Disability Assistance like ODSP?

No I am not receiving anything. I left my employ due to my medical condition. As for eia it’s a joke. They give me196 a month. They said goes case by case. Ridiculous. I don’t have anywhere else to turn. But thank you for your reply and understanding

Have you applied for your province’s welfare benefits and disability benefits? Also check for any other programs that you might be eligible for here:

I never thought about my provinces disability. I will check it out. Thanks so much

This is an example of getting your MP involved too. They will get the ball rolling for sure. They will be all over this.

Absolutely going to do that. Thank you