Rogers customers please read (discounts for persons with disabilities)

A few days ago, someone on this forum wrote that he had found out that Telus had a discount offer for persons with disabilities. I was disappointed to learn that it was only being offered in B.C. and Alberta. Being a Rogers customer, I decided to research if Rogers had any discounts for persons with disabilities. I was extremely pleased to discover that there’s a hidden 30% discount for Rogers services if you’re on a disability program AND there’s also a separate $20 discount per cell line!!!

I called Rogers and spoke to a customer service representative and she provided me with the following email address

She said that I needed to provide proof of disability. So, I went on My Service Canada Account and signed in.

  • clicked on “Canada Pension Plan/Old Age Security”
  • clicked on “Payments”
  • clicked on “Payment Information”
  • clicked on “2021”
  • clicked on the most recent “Payment Date”
  • scrolled all the way down to the bottom and clicked on “Print an official Proof of Payment Report”

I printed the letter confirming that I was receiving CPP Disability. If you’re receiving disability benefits from a provider other than CPP disability (for example,
The Ontario Disability Support Program)
then you need to find and print a letter from ODSP confirming that you’re receiving disability benefits.

Anyway, I wrote an email to Rogers, attached and sent my confirmation letter to
In the email, I included my Rogers account number, the accountholder’s name, the email my account is registered under and listed all the services I have with Rogers (TV, INTERNET, NUMBER OF CELLPHONES.)

Within a few hours, I received a reply stating that I was approved for a 30% discount for my ignite bundle AND a $20 discount on EACH cellphone (mine, my wife’s and my children’s cellphone!) The Rogers customer service representative reassured me that THESE DISCOUNTS WILL BE VALID INDEFINITELY.

I hope that this information, that I have provided, helps the many persons with disabilities who are struggling financially.


That’s awesome. Thanks a lot for sharing. Also, I will say, I know that Bell offers the same thing. So all big 3 companies (Telus, Bell and Rogers) offer stuff for disabled. Definitely worth asking about!! Don’t pay regular price for your services.

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Wow thanks! I emailed today and got it for my cell phone bill. You are a saint for sharing.


That is wonderful! and including entire family even better!. I’ve got $10 discount on my cell with Fido

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Thanks for sharing this NILI!!

David Brannen

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Thank YOU David for creating this forum which has become THE go-to-platform for persons with disabilities to voice their concerns, to discuss their personal experiences, and to acquire or provide invaluable ideas/advice about the entire claims process. Thank YOU David for helping me and countless others regain the dignity, the confidence and the strength to continue fighting the good fight until ultimately prevailing.


Wow, I am just seeing this now. I appreciate your kinds words! I agree 100%. Creating this forum was one of the best decisions I have made. I am thankful for all the members in here helping other members!


Thank you so much for sharing this info.
We saved $20pp for each cell plan in our household with Rogers. Thanks for sharing-every penny counts!

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Sorry I didn’t get this posted with the correct link.

My pleasure…I’m glad that I was able to help!