Insurance Discount

I am currently of LTD and receive a CPP Disability pension and am over 55. Apparently one can get a discount if on auto insurance if you are retired.

I’ve attached the form. Any thoughts on if I qualify?

  1. I don’t receive employment income
  2. I receive a CPP Disabity benefit (not sure if this counts as a CPP pension)


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Seems like the kind of thing to tell your insurer and ask if you qualify for the discount.

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Makes sense. I was hesitant as I was wondering if the insurer would start asking me about my disability if I said I was on CPP-D when I was on the phone.

I think you qualify.
Which insurance company?
I doubt it is cheaper for me than what I have.

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Interesting. What company is that for?

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RBC Insurance for home and auto

I don’t know if the Disability Benefit under the CPP is considered a “Pension”.

If you have to meet A and B and C, then you don’t. You are not over 65. CPP-D is not a pension but you could explain your situation. If anyone asks you about the nature of your disability, generally, you can say it’s private. None of anyone’s business. If an insurer is asking you, ask if the nature of the disability impacts the insurance. I’m f yes, decide if you want to keep going.

But, I don’t think you meet these 3.

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The problem here really comes from the hybrid nature of CPP as a “true” pension, with a side of disability insurance. From the insurance company’s perspective, they are looking to find drivers who get into fewer accidents. Older people have lower accident rates despite declining physical and mental abilities because they can choose when to drive and often drive less than a person still actively working. That is probably true of people not working due to disability so I think it’s worth enquiring. You could just call anonymously to ask the question first, to not alert them if it’s not eligible.

What I would not do is decide for myself that I qualify for the discount without explicitly doing it in writing. You want to make sure that in the awful event of a horrific accident that you have proof of them being told your CPP is CPPD and them still offering you the discount.

It’s A or B or C.
He meets A.