Request for Medical Documentation

I’ve been on LTD with Manulife for 3 years.

A few days ago they called and asked me for an update on my situation. I told them due to COVID I’m on a waiting list for several tests with specialists. I can’t even see my family doctor in person, telephone appointment only.

But they want new medical documentation to back up my doctors letter that I am not able to work.

How can I have new medical documentation if no one is doing testing right now unless it’s for an urgent issue.
Manulife said their goal is to get me to work part time, even 20 hours a week. But I’m in no condition to do that and my doctor is aware. But according to the person I spoke to a doctors letter isn’t gonna to cut it.

What do they want that you can’t get?

Sure. :slight_smile:
They are trying to scare you.
If they cut you off then talk to a lawyer.
In fact, get the free consult:
Free Consultation Request — Resolute Legal