LTD asking for excessive medical documentation

Is it normal and can LTD ask for excessive medical documentation? When is enough (documentation) enough? It’s starting to feel excessive and I am feeling bullied because this and other issues with them.

I have been off work for about a year and half. LTD is asking for clinical notes from every doctor I see from the past 6 months (psychologist, family doctor and psychiatrist). I have provided them a letter from the psychiatrist (I only saw him one time and it was 2 months ago - I provided them the letter of his assessment within 2 weeks of the appointment.) I also provided them a letter from my family doctor stating I needed to continue to be off work for health related reasons and will be reassessed in 8 weeks. They said they sent off the psychiatrist notes for review(what???) but the note from my family doctor isn’t enough. The psychiatrist notes support my absence from work.

I find this to be excessive - I am the one that requested to see a psychiatrist to see if they could help me recover quicker. I have been very co-operative with them but I am constantly feeling bullied from them.

I understand they need a letter from my doctor every few months. That doesn’t bother me but the extent of what they need is difficult. I wish they could tell me every 3-6 months send us “this, this and this.” That would be great because then I can be prepared and plan for it and have it ready for them. Not to mention the financial cost. My psychologist notes start at $200 depending on how long it takes her to write it. Then I have to pay for my family doctor’s note. Finances are very tight and I need to budget even for $200. I find it stressful that they ask for this information after my appointment. It is difficult to get an appointment with my doctor and then it takes him time to write the note. If they gave me notice then I could get this information no problem. They would have what they needed and it wouldn’t trigger my anxiety. We both would be happy.

I have had a few other issues with them regarding the medical documentation:

  • I provided them the date of next my doctor’s appointment and they contact me a few days after I see him to request medical documentation. I asked them in our phone conversation prior to this to contact me before my appointment if there is anything they needed from my doctor with several reasons why. They are aware of my limitations - they are aware that my family doctor is located several hours away (I moved and never thought about switching as previously I never got sick and needed to see him) and that driving causes a lot of anxiety for me. I have difficulty sitting in his waiting room. I have talked about all this with LTD several times. It is starting to feel like they requested the medical documentation after the appointment on purpose.

  • After receiving the letter requesting medical documentation. I emailed them and told them when my next appointment was and that I would obtain the information then and requested that they contact if anything else is needed prior to that date. I have spoken to my case manager (through email) 3 additional times since then. She never objected or said she had any issues with that arrangement.

  • I now received a letter stating that my benefits would be cut off if I did not provide the medical documentation. They have also never provided a date in which they needed the documents either.

It feels they continually set me up to fail so they have a reason to cut off my benefits.

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Every time they ask for medical documentation ask them for an updated full and complete copy of your claim file. You should have records too.

At this point you should correspond or request to correspond through email. (I see you are doing that)

Email your case manager and remind that it had been agreed that you would request information from your Doctor on your next appt. date.

Was the letter sent by mistake. Remind the added stress is not helpful.


Remember that you can claim the cost of the letters in your medical expenses:

This is CRA’s guide to medical expenses.

– zj


I was just about to say although it is excessive it may help your case. I requested the clinical notes and record from my gp and will claim it on my taxes.

Claiming it on your taxes may give you a few bucks back. I have enough medical expenses to claim but it doesn’t make a difference at tax time.

Thanks Allyloops.

She said the letter wasn’t a mistake and I reminded her that she never objected to the date I provided but it didn’t make a difference with her.

I didn’t know I could request my claim. Thanks I am going to do that!

Hi, it can seem overwhelming, but often complete records are needed in some cases. One of the secrets to being approved is to provide an overwhelming amount of medical records. These records are often necessary to support the narrative that you are unable to work. Usually it is the insurer’s internal behind-the-scenes doctors who are requesting these records so they can better evaluate your situation. You can technically require them to make a decision based only on the medical report, but that will usually result in them denying your claim, if they are asking for other supporting documents.

Part of the issue is how expensive and difficult it is for a person to get copies of their how health records. This is a problem with our medical system and how records are kept and reproduced. This results in the type of stress you are describing because of all the hassle and hoops you have to jump through to get the records.

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When you get your claim file -keep it in good order-do not write on any of the pages. Also look for missing pages!