Regular CPP Glitch

CPP-D was denied and I’m not appealing, my caseworker said I don’t have to, I guess because my Dr. says I’m well enough to return to work. I’m also thinking of taking an early retirement. My caseworker is calling again on Monday to discuss my options. I can go back to work on graduated return and then put in another year but I just don’t have the stamina for my commute and job. The only glitch now is I can’t log onto regular CPP online to apply because of the disability application. I have to apply through “snail mail” it will take 14 weeks! Unreal.

Why not ask for rehabilitation–physio or new job search etc… and such to drag out a return to work and also apply for retirement. That way you will continue to get paid and can stretch the 14 week wait.

Actually, that’s not a bad idea. I’ve been thinking along those lines. I’m going to ask Manulife caseworker on Monday what exactly the rehab option involves. Thanks

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