Re-employment after 5 years from accident

Location Province of Alberta. 5 years ago I had an accident, with unsuccessful recovery with defined limits. In the meantime, I finished college and I paid for the educational program with the additional expenses, the WCB case manager did not accept to pay for my educational program with the additional expenses. The final decision of the case will be made soon, the house manager sent me a letter stating that I will have a meeting with a re-employment specialist.
My question to you is, what is this procedure, what will WCB do in the future? I always benefit from this re-employment service until the age of 65, to help me get a job, or WCB now helps me find a job within my limits now, and then it will be my responsibility to look for jobs in case for example, the new employer fires me in 6 months. I hope I defined the problem clearly.

I know 0 about WCB but I had employment assistance from Causeway (I forget how I got it) but it was limited to 2 years I think but I could keep going back to them so if the WCB re-employment service is like that then I’d think you can keep going back to it until you’re 65.
I would ask your case manager because I am just guessing.

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