Old Wcb claims haunting me

I have had a number of wcb claims mostly from the oil-patch working in Alberta. They are mounting up against my life and I fear I was too young and dumb to make the decisions they asked of at the time. I was not part of a union and was forced with the decision at the time to either go back to work or be cut off and have to fend for myself. The decisions I made were obviously wrong and wonder what recourse I have to either get retro or at least be taken care of now. My wife and children are watching me spin out of control with my pain and suffering and I am 46 now and ready to fight back. Please help me.

I don’t understand what you’re asking.
You made a number of WCB claims that were approved but you were forced to go back to work?
Do you have a doctor now (preferably a specialist) that will say you shouldn’t have gone back to work and can’t work (doing any job) again?
If yes, apply for CPP-D
What do you mean “make the decisions they asked of at the time.”?
I really think you should get the free consult from Resolute.

Your message is not clear.

If you are disabled and need financial help then you should consider provincial financial assistance programs in your area or apply for CPP-D if you are eligible.

Request from the WCB all of your past claim files. Free and they will send. I believe with all workers comp you can have a claim re-opened. Get your documents first and read the WCB act for your province.

Are you currently working and have disability benefits?