Over 10 years approval


I was recently awarded to claim the disability tax credit for 2006 -2009. This is over the 10 years that is stated on the CRA website. Would I still request the tax adjustment for 2008 and 2007 for the disability tax credit? I have already claimed for years 2010 to present.

Thank you


Do you mean you can claim it from 2006 to 2017 and you’ve already claimed 2010 to 2017?
You want to know if you can get 2006 to 2009 adjusted?
I would think you can’t but phone the CRA.
Also if you’re under 50, open an RDSP.


yes, I have claimed for 2010-2017 . received a letter stating I can claim for 2006- 2009. I did call the CRA, but you never get the same answer twice. Thank you for the response.


Do you know how to login to CRA online?
You can request changes to previous returns there.
I suspect the past 10 years applies to any changes to previous returns.
How long does it a person need to keep previous returns in case they are audited?
Is that 10 years too?
How much work is it to change the returns for 2005-2009?
I’d be tempted to do them and hope you get someone at CRA who can approve it. :slight_smile:
Good luck.