Adjusting previous returns - Line 31600 vs 58440

Please excuse this newb question.

I’ve been approved for the DTC dating back to 2010. Rather than sending in forms through the mail, I would prefer to do it online.

I’m using the CMR (change my return) option. I adjust line 31600 to the amount for that tax year. For instance, $8,416 for 2019. Then it says I must also adjust line 58440. Do I put in $8,416 as well or is there some other amount I’m not finding?

Just want to make sure I have everything correct before I submit anything.

Part B – Ontario non-refundable tax credits (continued) Amount from line 25 of the previous page 10,783 00 26
Pension income amount (maximum $1,491) 58360 + 27
Line 26 plus line 27 = 10,783 00 28
Disability amount for self (claim $8,712 , or if you were under 18 years of age, use Worksheet ON428) 58440 + 8,712 00 29

Line 58440 is bolded.
I think the answer is yes.
That is “Ontario non-refundable tax credits”.
The other is federal tax credits.
That is my 2020 taxes.

Line 31600 for 2019 is $8416.00
Line 58440 for 2019 is $8549.00
You can get the numbers for other years from your returns think.

Oh I just did mine. The amount changes slightly every year. Google your province + line 5844 (that’s what it used to be called) + the year to find the amount for each year.

I love the change my return function, it was so easy. And they paid me bonus interest for the amount I was owed too which was nice.

I found it! They have archives of the non-refundable personal tax credits. CRA website is not user-friendly.

Also it’s a two-week wait for a reassessment… So if I’m going back to 2010 this will take a while.

I guess it’s that time of year :slight_smile:

How do you get approved for the disability tax credit?

I used this assessment tool: Disability Tax Credit App | Disability Alliance BC, Access RDSP

After completing it you print it out and bring it, along with the T2201 form to your doctor. Then you send it to the CRA.

I think the assessment tool really helped.

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You can just send a letter with your Info

And ask then to please go ahead and make the adjustments to your previous tax years by adding the DTC from 2010 - 2021. They will do it pretty quick and have all your assessments sent to you along with a refund.

Interesting, did not think they paid interest.

Paid interest on what exactly?

On the amount of tax I overpaid back to the year I became disabled due to not claiming the DTC. I got the DTC approved for 5 or 6 years back.

Ooh nice. Sorry wasn’t paying attention to who they were replying to.