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Hi David, I find your site and list of topics very current and specific to my situation.

Long story short which can be expanded upon if requested. I am a veteran with 33+ years service. Retired and went on to operate a bus with the City of Edmonton for one year when I fell ill to cancer. Very serious bout with cancer in my neck that metastasized throughout the left side of my neck and to one lymph node. Went on short term sick leave and then onto LTD with the City. Sick leave started in June 2016. LTD is occupation specific for 12 months. The Oncologist isn’t sure if all the cancer has been eradicated or not. PET scans still show a spot on my neck so this weighs heavily on my mind 24/7. The operation to remove the cancer has left me with numerous limitations in my neck, jaw, chest, and left arm. Not to mention a very short life expectancy. In addition, I now have AO on the left knee.

I have actively participated in all the physiotherapy, voc rehab, and provided a written update to my LTD insurance company on a monthly basis (approximately/as required) with respect to condition and ongoing treatment.

This spring (2018) I anticipate that my insurance company will start the CPPD process and assist/guide me where necessary. I am not opposed to applying for CPPD, I just want to ensure that I make the best submission possible the first time. I am very proficient at researching, compiling and submitting an application of this nature, however, I will most likely want professional assistance with my submission.

I have two questions for you. First off, based on the aforementioned information am I even a candidate for CPPD? I don’t want to give this process too much effort if my circumstances dictate that my application for CPPD will never be approved. Secondly, what is the approximate cost to assist someone with a CPPD submission such and my upcoming submission?

Final note, I will be 59 in August 2018.



I’m sorry to hear all your issues.
Read this
I don’t think David usually helps with the first submission but I won’t speak for him.
You need the support of your doctor (to fill out forms).

I think you are a candidate to apply for CPPD. We don’t file CPP applications for people, but do give out free information to help you maximize your own chances of success. We only come in at the appeals stages. I recommend you check our our online article on how to apply for CPP disability benefits and also download our CPP Disability Blueprint Guide. Good luck!

David Brannen

Disability Lawyer with Resolute Legal

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Thanks David. I thought as much and I have already read your very informative Blueprint Guide. I will definitely read your article on “how to apply for CFF disability benefits.”


Here is a CPPD question that I have been thinking about. I currently receive (tax free) LTD benefits as my LTD contributions were 100% employee contributed. If I am approved for CPPD my LTD policy states that my LTD benefits will be offset by any CPPD (gross) benefits received. So if 100% of my taxable CPPD benefits will be used to offset my non-taxable LTD benefits do I still have to pay taxes on my CPPD? I would be paying tax on funds I wouldn’t be receiving. I am a little bit confused on how all of this will unfold. It makes me want to not get approved for CPPD benefits.


You pay tax on the cppd funds, your LTD is just reduced because you’re getting cppd. You get the same overall amount of money, you just pay tax on part you never paid tax on before.
So why do it.
Many reasons that are outlined in one of the documents linked on Blog - Resolute Legal Disability Lawyers

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Thanks for the reply Jammer. The way I see it I would have less each month. For example, if I currently receive $3,000 a month tax free for LTD and will receive $1,000 a month (before taxes) from CPPD then my LTD would be reduced by $1,000 a month and my CPPD would also be taxed. So, and using simple math, LTD would now be $2,000 a month tax free ($3,000 - $1,000) and my CPPD would be $750 after tax ($1,000 - 25% tax rate). This would leave me with $2,750 a month after tax as compared to $3,000 LTD tax free without CPPD. Looks like I should fail the CPPD application.


Your math is correct.

There is a benefit to qualifying for cppd.
The insurance company has less reason to terminate your benefits.

You also won’t be paying 25% tax (your taxable income would only be $12000/year.
Get the disability tax credit.

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Thanks for your reply Jammer. When I add in my military pension then I would be paying approximately 22/25% tax. After I do the math it is tempting not to apply for CPPD. Your angle with respect to the insurance company having less reason to terminate if I am on CPPD is an interesting one.

It depends how long until 65.
You need to decide if it is worth paying more in tax.
I think the disability tax credit is worth over $3k in reducing your tax payable.

I worked in HR in a large company (union but I was exempt) and they work harder to get you off disability if you don’t receive or are denied CppD. Ironically I ended up on LTD and CPPD.

So far so good. Still on LTD after 27 months and no request fo CPPD application. I will be 60 this year so I don’t know if this matters.


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I don’t know if you should apply anyways.
I think it increases your CPP at 65.

Yes I believe it does increase your Cpp retirement at 65.