How long do you have to apply for CPP-D


I’ve reached the 18 month mark for my LTD. My insurer informed me they would like me to apply for CPP-D. The application is quite lengthy. They told me to apply but haven’t really given me a timeline. I was wondering how long you usually get to apply for CPP-D from your insurer.

I don’t think there’s a hard deadline from the insurance company. I think it took me a few weeks. Get a copy of the CPP Disability guide from David Brannen at Resolute Legal and start working your way through the application. Book your doctor appointment for the forms too. I typed everything explanatory out on my computer so I could add things and edit it as things came back to me. For the doctor I filled out all the background information to save my doctor time and just left the sections she needed to complete blank. The key things for CPPD are severe, prolonged and not being able to do any kind of work due to your limitations. Focus on what you can and can’t do rather than on your diagnosis.

Thanks @Caro I have a lot of anxiety, so I was worried I’d be forced to complete it very quickly. Have you been approved for CPPD?

Yes I was approved the first time which was a relief. Although ironically it reduced my overall income since CPPD is taxable and my LTD is untaxable, although it will mean more regular CPP eventually…

My LTD company also told me around the 2 year mark, or just before it. I imagine at the 2 year mark if you haven’t applied they might bug you about it.

I was asked by me LTD insurer to apply at the 1 year mark for CPPD. Got approved on my initial application for mental health issues. It was a relief indeed for CPPD approval, I followed the steps David laid out in his book. My LTD is non taxable but CPPD is taxable. I do have the Disability Tax Credit (DTC) now approved so that should offset any taxes owed for CPPD so for me it shouldn’t reduce my overall income. I would highly suggest anybody approved for LTD or CPPD to apply for the DTC. The benefits of CPPD approval are that once your turn 65 your regular CPP which be much higher as the years on CPPD don’t count against you and the biggest benefit is I noticed my LTD insurer hasn’t bugged me since I have been approved for CPPD. I am still in the own occupation phase so I haven’t hit any occupation phase which can be a bit dicey when dealing with the LTD insurer it seems