Moved provinces while on LTD... does my nationwide employer still need to "accommodate" employment?

I have been on medical leave for just under a year for PTSD, anxiety and depression due to a major life crisis / event. Part of dealing with this event was seeking out extended family support to help my family and I deal with this situation. My GP doctor agreed it would be in my best interest and as such we moved provinces while on LTD, which I informed both the insurer and my employer of.

While I am not prepared to return to my current position today, I have faith that through the treatment being received and the family and friend support, I will be and well before the end of the two year mark.

The question is, would my employer have to accommodate employment at / near my new location? Or would I have to return to my previous province and city, which I am not prepared to do?

The company I work for has many different locations Canada wide, have as many locations here as the province I left and is a large corporation. I am worried that once I am ready to come back they will not accommodate due to the move.

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It depends on if it is “undue hardship” for the employer.
You can request that from the employer.
Your odds are probably better with a big unionized company.
If you’re unionized, talk to your union rep.
Good luck.

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No union here. Also I would say no hardship as the business is Canada wide and is always hiring.

Then ask, it sounds promising. :slight_smile:

True, I was wondering from a case law point of view though.

I’m not a lawyer (I just have opinions :-)).
I would think the employer has no obligation to move your job but they might just to avoid a lawsuit.
Maybe @David_Brannen will comment.
If it is urgent, I would phone Resolute.
Free Consultation Request — Resolute Legal

I think it is going to be very fact-specific (depending on the circumstances of your employer, if they need staff with your skills in your new location, etc etc etc). I would spend more time talking to my employer about it than looking for caselaw on that specific point. I do know people who have been accommodated with location moves. From what you have said it certainly sounds like you could be accommodated in your circumstances.

Good advice Caro.

Until the employer says no, I wouldn’t even mention a lawyer.
Be friendly.