After LTD and move of province RTW employment denied by employer?

I worked for a large company and went on STD about a year and a couple months ago. After 6 months of STD I was transferred to LTD and have been on LTD for almost 8 months. I am now ready to return to work with no limitations however I am now in another province (as part of my recovery I was to have family support) and I would like to return to my employer. However they are saying that because my specific position is not being hired for right now they would not be able to accommodate me. The business is just as large in every province and they always have help wanted ads out (not for my specific position but others that are similar that I am more than qualified for). Do they not have the same requirements or “duty to accommodate” as if I was in the same province as before or did my move disqualify me for that? I have been with the company for over 10 years and would like to stay with them however moving back to my original province is not an option.


I suspect your rights to accommodation are less since you moved.
BUT, I am NOT a lawyer so I would definitely ask a lawyer.
Most have a free consultation.
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