Minimum qualifying period (mqp)

Question with respect to MQP. I have been reading on the CanL11 site under the CPPD Tribunal decisions for CPPD that medical conditions that came to light after the MQP date have no bearing on a CPPD decision. I am not totally sure that I understand the reasoning behind these decisions. If for example a person submits a CPPD application for X number of chronic/diagnosed medical conditions and the application is denied but from the original application to the tribunal hearing the person develops additional chronic/diagnosed medical conditions (that obviously arose since the MQP date) these conditions can’t be considered for the tribunal because they came to light after the MQP date? Is this right?


Here’s my understanding: your CPP contributions buy you CPPD insurance that expires at the end of your MQP. So if you become disabled during your MQP, then you can make a claim against your CPPD insurance. But if you become disabled after your MQP period ends, then your insurance has already expired, so you can’t make a claim for CPPD.

For an extreme example, say that you stopped working at age 50 so that your MQP expired when you were 52 but you made a claim for disability arising from cancer treatment at age 51, then were paralyzed in a car accident at age 60. The Tribunal can only look at whether you were disabled due to the cancer before your MQP ended because that’s when your insurance was still in effect. The fact that you later became disabled due to a car accident while you weren’t insured doesn’t affect your insurance claim because your CPPD insurance had already expired before that happened.

If you had had the car accident before the end of your MQP then you could claim CPPD starting on that date, since your insurance hadn’t expired yet, and just fight over whether you should have been paid from the earlier date when you got cancer or just from the date of the car accident.

Thanks for the reply Caro. I believe that I am OK for the MQP. Cancer was discovered in my body in 2016 and I was still paying into CPP. I stopped work in late 2016 so my MQP would have been good until December 31, 2016 (if I read the regulations correctly). I haven’t worked since late 2016 and haven’t paid into CPP since this time. Based on this and your interruption I should be OK. Service Canada hasn’t said anything to so I don’t so MQP must be good. Seeing how most of my medical/physical limitations are a consequence to my cancer (subsequent to the operation in 2016) I believe that I will be completely covered for CPPD.


Still have my mind wrapped around MQP. My personal example. I have been paying into CPP (maximum amount for approximately 30 years up to and including 2013). Didn’t pay into CPP for 2014, paid maximum amount in 2015 and 2016. Became ill (with cancer) in 2016 and have been on LTD ever since. In March 2019 I applied for CPPD Benefits. With this scenario in mind what would my MQP be? I see it as December 31, 2016 because it was the last year that I contributed to CPP. Your thoughts/interpretation on MQP?


I don’t think you have an MQP issue since you became disabled so soon after paying into CPP. Not sure if you might need relief for applying late but Service Canada website suggests you should qualify for late relief anyway.

Thanks Caro. I have read all CPP literature but can’t seem to determine the MQP. CPP has called me and indicated that I have the necessary CPP credits for my application to go forward but didn’t tell me my MQP date. Concerned about my MQP date as consequential medical issues as a result of my cancer have started to develop (radiation therapy does this) and I want to ensure that they are within my MQP.


I don’t think you need to worry about that any more. It’s the first thing they check, they already told you you had enough credits, and you’re even sicker now from the same thing which should make your case stronger, not weaker.